Twenty One Today


Twenty one years ago, on this day 12 July it was Tuesday at 16h00 a beautiful little boy was born! We called him Moo.

This is not a brag post. But it is about my son and about his accomplishments. He has surprised us and then some with all his achievements.

He finished primary school with a certificate of merit for academic achievement in five subjects and the Highest Attainment DUX Award. He went on to finish high school with a distinction in all seven subjects and the DUX Award for Academic Excellence.

Of course we are proud parents. Moo was born a winner and a fighter. Determined, ambitious with a brilliant mind. Destined for greatness.

Today is his birthday, he is 21 years old!  Today I am emotional, I stand in awe, looking up at a young man who is much taller than I am. He’s tall in so many ways…soaring and towering. I am amazed at the beautiful young adult he has become.

However I’d like him to be prepared for life.

Life sometimes throws us some nasty’s, some curve balls, hardships and disappointments that bring us to the ground. And should that happen, he needs to be prepared for it, to get up and continue with the same determination and willpower.

Don’t ever give up my child. You are destined for greatness! When you do feel like life is getting tough and you want to give up, we will be there to cheer you up. We will pick you up and take your hand and finish that race with you. Right by your side, no matter where you are or how old you are. Your greatest fans and cheerleaders will be there with you.

You will have one more person right by your side – God. When you are hurt or struggling, He will be there faster than your cheerleaders and He will come to your rescue. He will pick you up when you fall, take His hand.

Today I thank God for giving me the best gift in the world. And I thank Him for lending me this most special boy, I hope I have not failed Him.

We wish you a very happy 21st birthday my beautiful son. We wish you many years filled with health and loads of happiness.

You must know that we love you dearly, no matter what, we are so proud of you today and always.

We both love you lots…Ma loves you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday my Moo ♥

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