The office bully

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The office bully

This has been on my mind for a while. We all hate school bullies and share on FB and tweet and are openly revolted at school bullies. Remember the kid with pimples, the fat one, the one that never had money for school civies, the one that never had money for tuck-shop? The kid that struggled with a subject or on the sports field, ah yes that one that dropped the baton on the relay race. Oh yes you loved making fun of that kid, you made sure that he or she was never welcome in your circle of friends.

But it’s you. Yip you, the skinny pretty one, the one that hates bullies so much, you are the one that does just that in the office. Differently, but you do it. It’s something like this….

  • You snigger at people with less dress sense than you
  • You are very clever but heaven help the person that asks you for help. The minute they turn their back you laugh at ‘How can he not know this? Duh’
  • You are clever and when someone asks for your help you talk and talk and pretend to share but actually you don’t help at all
  • When you are approached for help you are the one that talks loudly so others can hear you….look at me, I’m helping dorky over here
  • You laugh and talk about others in an obnoxious way
  • You walk down the passage and pretend not to see your victim, oh yeah you greet when you feel like it, but mostly it’s a complete dead stare
  • You are friendly but in a deranged kind of way
  • When you are with your other cool friends, you love to make fun of your little victims don’t ya?! Makes you popular
  • You think you’re so ha-ha funny, but when you make jokes, and your victim laughs with you, he/she is probably hurting

Stop pretending like you hate bullies when you are one, just stop it!! If you can’t be nice to a particular person rather avoid them, because you have no idea what they are going through. Go eat your crackers with your unbalanced cool friends.

What is really sad is that your little victim probably admires you and wishes to be just like you, but you are mean and hurtful to him/her

Just stop it, go on leave or something. I hate bullies

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