Someone who’s made a big impact on me recently

Day 20: Someone who’s made a big impact on me recently @Writersbootcamp

My younger son!

He has embarked on a quest of health and fitness that has at times driven me a bit crazy and made me moan at his new “I don’t eat that” comments. But I am extremely proud of his decision and choices. He is in the gym everyday except Saturday. He has no sugar at all in any form; so those sweet things like biscuits or cold drinks are a part of his history for some time now. And he has in some way managed to avoid everything with cheese and eggs in the house. So yeah he is going vegan. I am proud of his determination, routine, unwavering decisions and strong-minded will power.


He has always been like this even when he was little when he made up his mind about something…I just love it. He is teaching me something everyday about the bad choices I make, it’s time I sit up and listen a bit. He’s young but very wise, I have a lot to learn fron this beautiful young man. I am so proud of him ♥

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