Utter ramblings and … and connections

@Writersbootcamp on Day 21 of a 30 day challenge (but July has 31 days guys!!)

Utter ramblings and … and connections

These little dots, the three dots, that look like so … are called ellipses

I use them a lot, I love them, they allow me to not finish a thought or sentence that maybe I don’t have the courage to put out there, so I just go …

I use them when the story is getting too long and it’s up to you to decide the rest …

It creates some kind of mystery or fantasy in what you write when you just finish off with …

And somehow when I see them … I think they create a bit of order in this chaotic artistic mind of mine, they do, just try it you will see how well it works …

When you can’t remember something you can go … and wait for a little trigger or someone to remind you

It’s also kind of romantic, like meeting a new person. The beginning of a new relationship is a few of these … like connections with people, holding hands are exactly the same as these little things …

Just saying that I like love to use ellipses (singular – Ellipsis) and I do try my best to contain myself and not overdo it. They work so well that I can’t help myself sometimes …



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