@writersbootcamp Day 23 – Music

musicEveryone loves music. They have to, I’m sure they do. And so do I!! I love a good party and although I can’t dance to save my life I really enjoy a good party or concert and can very easily behave like a crazed, no-care-in-the-world teenager 😀

My favourite voices are male, not too sure why, but I listen to more male than female music. I listen to everything, absolutely everything – classical, opera, jazz, country or rock – expect rap! Well there is one rap song that I actually like (Eminem – Mom) so I guess you can say I even listen to rap. I’m still a fan of Prince and Purple Rain, so it’s quite a different mix. Here are some of my favourite voices and kind of music….Just one thing, when I listen to music on my own at home and especially in the car, it is loud, crazy loud, roof top open and I sing along to it.

For anytime any day and any mood

Bon Jovi – Bed of Roses  

The Eagles – Hotel California

Tom Jones – Darlin

Rolling Stones – Satisfaction

For the crooners and tenors and in the mood for love music
IL Divo – I will always love you

Julio Iglesias – Crazy (I grew up listening to this, my dad played it all the time)

Patrizio Buanne – Forever Begins Tonight

For relaxing or ignoring the crazy traffic, or to block out the crap at work, this works for me 

Beethoven – 5th Symphony (or Chopin or both)

In the office and just easy listening also in the car Josh Groban – Vincent

Pavarotti – Caruso

My choice of religious music

Wintley Phipps- Amazing Grace

Gaither – It is well with my soul

Conrad Fisher – I Need the Prayers of Those I Love

Buddy Greene –  I Don’t Belong

The one female voice I love – Barbara Streisand – Memories

To prove to you I am Portuguese this is what I listen to – it can only be FADO music  – Carlos Do Carmo – Gaivota also big reminder of my dad ♥

And I am an African child too, and always will be so this is my music – Miriam Makeba – Pata Pata

Johnny Clegg (With Nelson Mandela) – Asimbonanga

African  Rain Storm

And finally to prove to you that everyone really does love music…here’s a little concert, musicians playing for cows. They look like they enjoying it 🙂

Jazz for Cows


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