Politics and Drama

@Writersbootcamp – Day 28, Politics and Drama

I couldn’t think of a more horrible thing even if I tried hard enough. I like movies 🙂 but know nothing of drama. I hate politicians and know nothing about politics. So what do I write about?

Office Politics and Office Drama (I live work amongst some of the best)

I’m just the PA trying to fit in and grow into my position. You dear drama queen fresh out of varsity (or not so fresh) ready to climb the corporate ladder trying your best to impress are a royal pain in the ass. You still have lots to learn from me before you can tell me how to do my job. Oh that felt so good.

Ok so my suggestions to help avoid some politics and drama – from the PA perspective are like so:

  • Stop comparing your previous company to the new one you are in now (or go back to previous place, really)
  • Stop grumbling, say it loud or shut up. Whining and complaining about others is a big no-no
  • Stop rolling your eyes, just listen maybe the younger ones or the ones with less degrees do have a good solution or opinionbig sea
  • Being confident, does not mean you can be aggressive. Ai people, you are really hurting others with your forceful nature
  • Be nice to the person you are criticising and say it nicely
  • If you are too competitive they’re watching you. If you’re not competitive enough they’re talking about you. Ha ha, 😀 find the balance, Ok
  • Being a role model does not mean wearing spike heels and kicking people around, so be the humble person with the soft voice, not the loud office canary

It’s a big ocean out there, or jungle, the most colourful ones get eaten up if they are not careful. From me the PA that sometimes takes most abuse in the office, I’m acting like I’m ok, so please don’t interrupt my performance!! 

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