X Ray

Writersbootcamp on Day 29 asks for a blog post on X-Ray

I am nearly finished with the July writers challenge and now they come up with the weird topics – x-ray!

Well you know I love art, right? And to get to a good sketch of the human body one needs to get underneath the clothes. Yeah, the nudes! 😀

Also the skeleton and bone structure, that’s why that little wooden figure is so useful when you are trying to draw the human body. You almost need to imagine the bones and sharp or rounded edges to get your portrait and human figure right. Like x-ray vision. That’s why I like these. Have a look at this artist.

I found these a while back and seeing the topic today x-ray it reminded me of the very cute x-rayed cartoons. Can you imagine your art figures in x-ray form?

You will find more interesting art on http://www.chris-panda.net/







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