Me and my writing

Writersbootcamp on Day 30

Me and my writing, my writing and me…actually writing is easy, it’s easier than telling. I’m sort of like this…

what i say

So writing is easy. If you need to let rip on and email and don’t know how to start? Talk to me. I’m good at that. Putting my thoughts down on paper is not the problem, it’s sharing them that becomes the problem. Then it’s back to the picture….lots on the page nothing out there. Sort of like my art, secretive to the last-minute, when it’s finished and if I’m happy then I share it  #timeforchange

I’m not a writer, I’m trying to be an artist. I get distracted easily when blogging and I find it difficult to write blog if I’m not using a keyboard, but I do make notes or write down ideas. I’m always storing ideas somewhere in my mind for later, I’m always doing that, it gives me a headache sometimes!! Too much stuff going on…

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