In the beginning…What I have learned

Day 31: (Bonus topic) What I have learned from the Writers Bootcamp Challenge
In the beginning…

It was just something I wanted to try out. It is more serious now. I answered some questions the other day on blogging –

What made you start blogging? I was home (6 weeks forced holiday) recovering from a hysterectomy and was very bored with TV and I started reading blogs (mainly of ladies healing from hysterectomy and other more serious illness and their journey) I thought I’d just write about my pain and how I survived the op and all the negative emotions that I was going through at the time….turned out something completely different

What has blogging taught you? Maybe I am a bit more honest with myself, I am shy and tend to hide a lot and I admire people who put their feelings out there, and really write from the heart. No fear! I don’t always do that, but have learnt to be a bit more honest with myself and my feelings when I write. It’s a long and hard process though

What do you avoid blogging about?  🙂  Exactly what I have just said my real feelings, what hurts me most, I avoid that all the time, and sugar coat everything

Day 31 – What I have learned from the Writers Bootcamp Challenge: I have opened up more and wrote as if no one was reading it. So it was easier, although challenging, it felt good once I posted each blog. I Only posted it to twitter not FB – I don’t know why I did that?!!

Write from the heart – write like you paint. So I struggle with some paintings but I don’t give up and do always finish them. Even if it is not my favourite one that I show everyone and boast about, I still put it out there and I definitely complete it. So why not do the same with writing? Huh, miss P??

I’m going to try. And on that note, it’s time to take a break from the blogging and concentrate on painting!  Here’s a pic of the new one I started last night. It was an awesome painting day and I can’t wait for it to dry so I can add the little birds ….♥


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