In the palm trees

In my garden we have two really huge palm trees that we planted; one on each side of the pond when we moved to this house (actually when pond was built).  They have grown beautifully and seem to be reaching for the sky. I love these two trees.  Many times when I am outside I have seen the cute little yellow-crowned bishops come to the tree. They take a long strand from the leaves, I wish I could catch them in a photo. It’s quite beautiful to see and I always smile at the sight…he is so small and yet manges to pull a strand like a piece of string from those branches and flies away with it!

One day I’m hoping they will build the nest here in one of these trees.

310And so to finish off my 2014 art year I painted two small paintings taking my inspiration from my wish to have the birds build nests here….


These are gifts and so I added this to the paining – from Mathew 10:31 – His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches you ♥

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