The Road of Resolution

New years resolutions are something I am not good at, even if they are just things I say to myself, like tonight when I get home I will definitely do my filing and catch-up on our finances and accounts at home….. !!

Really that never happens. So why make resolutions that are meant to last a whole year? With that said, I found an old diary in my cupboard that I hardly used, I bought it mainly because of the beautiful cover and quotes insisted. Ah but what a treasure, it is filled with words of wisdom and something called “Godly Resolutions”

So here are some of them, just that I have changed and worded them for me so that they might keep me on the right road with God through out this year


Relationship ∼ Reafirm my relationship with God !

Review ∼ Look back on the past year and ask God to show me my areas of weaknesses

Repent ∼ Confess my sins and ask for forgiveness

Refresh ∼ Ask God to refresh me and to give me a new vision, He knows the plans He has for me, I just need to accept them

Renew ∼ Ask God to help me see my life from His perspective, and renew my commitment to His vision and purpose for my life

Resolve ∼ Resolve to be faithful to God’s purpose in my life and to glorify Him in the areas that He has revealed to me

Record ∼ Write down the things He has revealed to me in prayer, and review them frequently, remembering that it is only by His grace that I am able to grow in Him

Because He knows and understands each of my needs, it is time for me to start with Relationship this is my road to my 2015 resolutions.

Stay Blessed ♥ and always look upward.


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