Sharing my ‘selfie’

I don’t normally do this… SHARING

When I’m painting I don’t share my progress on FB or with anyone else, except the people in art class, no one really sees what’s going on and how I’m coming along. Until the last day when I finally sign the painting, only then do I post a pic on FB or blog about it.  But this one is a bit different. I though I was crazy to even attempt it, but the idea had been on mind for so long. I forgot about it and then this year decided this is it I’m going to do a self-portrait!!

So it’s a little different from the conventional self portraits, my one involves a bit of mixed media and it started with sticking pieces of paper with quotes and words.

This is what I had to work with…something I found and I immediately fell in love with this pic. I just didn’t want to paint her


So in came ‘me’ and the pieces of paper are quotes that I just love and resonate with, words that have special meaning and somehow affect me and appeal to me. Some of them in a personal or emotional way.

Some pieces are from old blogs posts (the ones about my boys) and then the titles are a mix of things special to me. Little bit of tearing here and there and they were all randomly glued down

and then came the drawing….this was hard!! And not my favorite part. But it had to be as perfect as possible, at least in the size of eyes and distance of eyes, nose and mouth etc. It’s quite complicated and a bit of a ‘science’

…and there you have it! Now for the painting and the continued tweaking and science behind the distance of all things facial 🙂 I have definitely learned a few interesting things…Like did you know that the distance between your eyes (middle of your face) or the bridge of the nose is the same size in centimeters as the size of your eyes? (not sure if I’m explaining it correctly) but anyway I have started painting and hope to finish my selfie soon. Hope it looks like me when I’m done!

And so here is my first layer of color. Will share the final painting as soon as it’s done






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