Because now is all we have


You know today was one of those miserable days I just wanted to escape.

I woke not feeling too good, what I though was just hay fever or something I could treat in the weekend with loads of natural vitamin C at home didn’t really work. So I woke up with a heavy chest, sore and extra croaky voice. It’s kind of sexy, sort of like Demi Moore’s voice expect that runny nose ruins all the sexiness….

Last week a work colleague lost his wife, she died suddenly of an aneurysm leaving him behind and two very tiny little boys, a three-year old and six month old. Her funeral was on Friday.

In the weekend I watched this colleague post things on face book like ….Heaven must be really beautiful right now, since they got you

Then he posted …It isn’t easy !!!!! (and he tagged her)

Today he posts a picture of himself and his boys, today was the baby’s first day at nursery school and he tagged his wife

Somehow right below his FB post was this post from a page I like – Prince Harry page – it’s just a page with loads of royal stuff and pics which I really enjoy looking through…. today they decided to post this


I love this song and listened to it today and of course the tears flowed….

A few months ago it was a young friend from art class. She was pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl at only 28 weeks. She never got to know her daughter because she died a few days later and that baby girl will grow up never knowing her mommy 😦

What do we live for? For missing someone? For our wealth or health? For our dreams? What are your dreams and what do you live for?

When was the last time you weren’t too busy to phone an old friend and to listen instead of talking? When was the last time you asked someone how was work, how was their day? We are so consumed with being busy we forget to say “I love you” when that should be the top and most important item on our to-do-list. Like hugging someone or giving them flowers.

We all claim that life is short, that our children grow up too quickly and that time flies by too soon. But we only really think about life is short when something tragic happens. Stop! Pray everyday for yourself and those around you, find God. Live life with all your strength and passion now, don’t save it for the holiday or for another day. While that little flame is burning, fan it. Be bold about it, love boldly and laugh shamelessly. Because now is all we have. Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. ♥

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