The koi pond

Inspired by some gorgeous paintings I’ve seen of an artist friend and our newly revamped koi pond….I started working on this.


We have a pond in our garden, when we moved into this house the kitchen window and door facing the garden gave me a beautiful view (although at the time the garden was awful) we started planting and landscaping. I asked hubby if we could have a water feature, something small that would give us that nice sound of water flowing…He said, YES, and went mad and very soon the digging started!  He built a huge pond, it looked more like a mini lake and I wondered where had I gone wrong with my request 🙂


what I wanted (left)                                                         what I got (right)

Anyway last year we moved the fish out to a temporary tank and painted the pond again and did some fixing and revamping.  We lost some of our big and older fish but we bought lots of new prized babies. The pond is beautiful and I just love the sound of that huge fountain I have. I guess the little water feature I had in mind a few years ago would not have had the same effect, so his madness paid off ♥

Inspired by watching my cat watching the koi and the cheeky staring hadeda bird, the shimmering in the sun, the tranquil garden, how they breathe and kiss the sun when they come up… I just know this is not going to be the first and last painting and I will paint koi fish again. Hopefully soon.



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