Humpback whale

Ah this was a big one, a serious painting, it was my sons request. He says he has no paintings in his room, I have never painted anything for him, err…really?!

His room has no spare walls!  On one side there is a glass cabinet with formula one cars, a large wood turtle, a small painting of a green frog (a gift his aunt Nat painted), the other wall is all window, the next wall has a large poster a photo of when he was about 10 years old surfing on the Kalahari sand dunes and the last small space has a pastel I did for him of his favorite cat, the lynx!

I have no idea where we are going to hang this rather large whale painting.


152 x 100 Oil Humpback whale

152 x 100 Oil
Humpback whale

I loved painting this whale, I absolutely love the ocean and anything related to the sea, all shades of blue are my favorite colors, painting the humpback whale gave me so much joy.

I have another whale painting in mind, one idea that he loves and so that will be one of my next projects very soon ♥


152 x 100 Oil Humpback whale

hanging in his room

hanging in his room

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