About ME

One husband, two boys, two cats, one dog…I think that’s enough to keep me busy. Trying to survive raising two boys and a photography crazy husband (yes raising him too) can be a real challenge!  I do love and adore my three boys!  They are taller and a lot smarter than I am and drive me insane on most days. Each one so different; but being a mommy is a real blessing.

I try to live a healthy lifestyle, I am vegetarian and managed to convert the three boys at home into vegetarianism *thumbs up*  But I eat lots of chocolate – it helps keep some sanity.

This blog?  It started it when I was home for six weeks recovering from a big op, it was a whim. I read somewhere that writing is a form of creativity, like art.

I blog to record my thoughts and feelings, it’s a form of personal freedom and I do it in my own imaginative way, so I guess I could call it creative or arty. Most of all I want it to be fun like painting with a pen, or with my keyboard 🙂

The things I LOVE —  to read, art, to stare at the ocean, to look for shapes in the clouds, staring at the sky, smelling turps. Wildlife, the beach, smell of bread baking, black forest cake, olives, lasagna, jacaranda trees, all trees, flowers, music, birds, my cats, perfume, chocolate. Sunsets, handbags and shoes, sea shells, soft rain, family albums….so many things….

Sabbath is my favorite day!

South Africa my favorite home 🙂

My Family

7 thoughts on “About ME

  1. You have a wonderful family and you are an amazing kind generous person who is always present for others. I might not always show it but I do love you and know you will climb the highest mountain to achieve what you set your mind to do….

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