The eve of the night before your first day at work

I gulped and felt my heart beating in my throat when I took this pic of you….we have a photo on these stairs, the two of us, on the day we left you here, it is one of my favourite photos.

I remember the trip we made in February 2012 and how hard it was to let go. I didn’t want to leave you here alone. I left a young enthusiastic boy and I came back to fetch a young man, full circle for the two of us.

You grew up, you struggled, you became independent, and it all happened so fast for me. I’ve been thinking over the years and more so these lasts few weeks, did I really do a good job as a mom?  Will you remember that I tried my best, even when I was tired exhausted, and stressed and sick, I still tried my best. I prayed sometimes and sometimes I forgot to pray, but I hope you will know that I had every intention of being a good and great mommy.  Although I do know that sometimes I wasn’t so great and I was just an OK mom.

Today is the eve of the night before your first day at work! You have finished your studies and I guess it’s time to adult, I hope you’re ready because I’m certainly not and I don’t have any wise words to pass on to you (sorry). All the milestones and special events of your life that I counted and recorded and photographed have come to an end. Leaps and bounds and so the next ones will be in years to come.

For now let me say that I am so very proud of you. I wish you the best of luck my son, may you be successful and happy in your career and in everything you do

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Your favourite bible verse became my favourite bible verse, guard it close to your heart.

Love MA ♥

Before and After


A small place, a home away from home for my big boy. I had some moments of regret and disappointment, many moments of total disgust and some days I broke down into tears at the mess that was before me.

You do not need to live in a place that looks like it should be in the cover of a designer magazine, but your home should not look like a pig pen! The people pigs that lived in this place were not normal people more like a group of hogs. Papa hog, mama hog and some piglets, one being a baby. The state of the kitchen was just something out of a scary movie. Thriller! I was gagging and almost vomited once when trying to get the grime off things. No wonder the place was infested with the one thing that gives me the biggest creeps and just the word makes me break out in hives – cockroaches. The extermination company said they are German Cockroaches (say no more)

My painter who lives in a shack, said his shack was cleaner and he would not be embarrassed for me to visit him there. The cleaning lady did not believe that a woman had lived in that apartment and used that kitchen. So…if they say all of that, can you imagine the filth? I was like the white sangoma with all sorts of fumitabs, powders and potions to get rid of the bugs. During those days I had no consideration for the ozone layer. Sorry.

Everything in that place was bleached and disinfected twice. Painted. Varnished. Cleaned. Finally ready for humans to live in.

These are the before and after pictures.


400 401 403 404 406 408 410 411 416 419 421 422 433 434 436

 AFTER 🙂 looking much better471 472 473 474 481 563 689 690 691 692 695 704 711 787 828 830 831 837 841 845 849 850 863 870

There are two cupboard doors missing. We need a chest of drawers to store some of the books that are still in boxes under his desk. The little sofa has not been delivered yet. So it’s a work in progress. But it’s livable and clean.

Leaving him this time (as a third year student) felt like I was leaving him for the first time all over again…my boy all alone in his own little place…

The key

We waited for what seemed like forever for this day to arrive…


To hold the key to a flat that Moo would occupy until the end of his studies.

The day finally arrived, and I was greeted by all sorts of things – broken items, dirt, filth, roaches and lots of emotions – disappointment, regret, anger. My stay is almost over and the makeover is almost done.

I always thought decorating was a great job and maybe it is, but that is when you walk into a clean home and you can just shop for pretty things and turn the place inside out. Makeovers are not glamorous at all and whatever we see on TV is different when you living and cleaning it in real life. Sometime next week I hope to give you some before and after shots. Let me warn you that it is not for the faint hearted or weak.

Until next week….

Alone in a mall

I was in Cape Town last week for a little visit with my son. Monday he was at varsity and I had all this time to myself at the famous V & A Waterfront

Beautiful mall, I hate shopping malls actually, all those slow people and queues…but the Waterfront is special cause when you walk outside you see the mountain!!  IMG-20130429-00071

Anyway I spoiled myself in the first two stores I walked into….

LUSH – why oh why don’t we have one in Johannesburg?

Handmade, homemade nice smelling stuff for the face, hands, body etc. Oh what a great store, I was a bit lost in this nice smelling place with samples of everything for me to test (I love that) but I feel bad trying all of them 😉

The prices are so reasonable and they really have awesome creams. I bought a face wash – Aqua Marina – to help me with my rash or whatever it is that makes my cheeks & neck so red and itchy.  Seems to work but only till early afternoon then the itchiness starts again. Damn air-conditioned office. It has real seaweed and it’s made with the lovely pink calamine powder that kids use when they have chicken pox. I love it, makes my face so soft. When I go back to Cape Town will definitely go back to this store.

Crabtree & Evelyn – Even the name sounds expensive. We have them here in JHB but I walked in any way just to look and walked out with a body soufflé. Ooh la la!!

The most delicious smelling thing ever. It’s so silky and I’m going to use it sparingly (I always do anyway – it will last me a year) I will enjoy my indulgence. No regrets, it feels wonderful on the skin!

Don’t leave me alone in a pretty shopping mall with nice smelling shops, it’s dangerous very unsafe ….


GP or CA?

I love Cape Town and if you have been here you love it too; I haven’t traveled all over the globe either and I don’t need to I just know that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 
On the one side you have Table Mountain it’s an awesome – awesome view looking up and that’s not the only mountain here, sometimes people forget the others! Then there’s the ocean! I LOVE the ocean and mountains so combine these two and you have a perfect combination and city. 

But there is something about this place and these people….must be the mist from the mountain that makes them all seem a bit crazy. This week here has not been a holiday all that was missing from a real working week was my drive to the bank. We came here to settle Moo in his flat (my cousin’s flat) we had a huge to-do & to-shop-list and it’s not complete yet (we leaving Saturday). So this has definitely not been a holiday we are busy running around finding things, painting, fixing, shopping and sitting in traffic. 

Capetonians don’t like drivers in cars with GP registration, lucky for us we are using a CA car 🙂
Capetonians think we are bad people, funny thing is they are terrible drivers and you better watch out when you’re on the road or avoid them at all costs, take a bus or cycle.

  • They never indicate
  • They love to cut-in in traffic
  • There are way less taxi drivers here than Jhb (that’s a plus) but the ones here are just as dodge, although ‘whities’ ride on them happily
  • There’s less hooting, yeah, one good thing
  • When you do use the hooter they ignore you anyway kind of like ‘I can’t hear you’
  • Peek hour starts at 16h00 sharp! They leave work way too early…need to speak to my boss about my work hours
  • They are very slow, chilled and relaxed bru (that’s scary when operating a vehicle)
  • Capetonians insist there is no traffic in the city but that’s because they only drive to the Waterfront 
  • There are hardly any beggars at robots …. mmmm that’s because they are also at the Waterfront
So what is it that makes them such bad but non aggressive drivers? Is it the mountain mist or the wind? They seem crazy but they do have a different and very care free attitude on the road. Drives us GP drivers insane!

This week has been fun, and with Moo down here for the next four years I guess we’ll be back more often to socialize with these bergies. More funny stories and experiences for us can’t wait.