Change in the office

I don’t mind change most of the time anyway but this is bugging me. 

We are now recycling at the office, yeah. Whatever! I’m happy for the conscious people that recycle everything including those tiny white plastic goodies that tie the bread bag together. And I’m happy we are recycling in the office but there are a few things about the 22 out 150 that is bugging me

  •  The toilet paper

For as long as I can remember it’s not 1 ply its ½ ply = thin, see through and tears into a million pieces you can’t even get one straight square out it’s so thin. You need to rip half the roll to do the job. I hate that.

  •  The taps in bathrooms

Over the years they have reduced the flow or the water pressure. So you go to the bathroom to wash your hands and it squirt pisses at you. To get the soap off you spend more time standing with your hands under the tap then before. This must be part of reducing water usage. I hate it.

  •  The plants

I think they disappeared about a year ago. All office plants have gone, apart from the obvious benefits you get from office plants the place just looks boring, plain and ugly. I hate that they took them away

  •  The bins

Wow, that is something else, it happened this month. All the bins were taken away. So now if you finish a cup of coffee you walk to the big recycling bins and put your cup in one of them. A document you printed that you don’t need any more..…get up again and take it to the correct bin. This is proving to be more difficult than I thought. Everyone has devised little plans, make shift bins or the crap just piles on their desks. It’s crazy, although sensible of the company, it is just driving some people crazy. I’m one of them. And in corridors and meetings the icebreaker or the topic is the lack of bins

Keep your water, and 2 ply and plants, can we please have those bins back! I hate not having my own. I’m tired of looking under the desk as if it’s going to mysteriously re appear and tired of the rubbish conversation.

22 out of 150

22 /150 is a bad mark if this is what’s on your report card or maths test. It’s just 14% and that would be a big fail. But 22 years in the same company that turns 150 years old is like getting a B + (in my opinion anyway)

Today my company is 150 years old and it was very close to October that I started working here too.

So here is a bit of my history, 22 years of my life and experience in the big blue bank…..

  • 1990 – Started working in the bank in August and I was married this year in October…was given a bridal shower, started learning new things, new names and made new friends
  • 1991 – I worked as budget controller looking after advertising ‘budgets’.  Processing invoices and printing numerous reports for internal clients on a monthly basis
  • 1992 – We bought our first home with the help of the home loans department….looking ahead so you’re not left behind
  • 1993 – In June I was given a baby shower for my first born and then I took the rest of the year off on maternity leave. Bank launched a new campaign “With us you can go so much further”
  • 1994 – Back from maternity leave and had another baby shower in December for my second child
  • 1995 – Came back from maternity leave in June and was teased about lack of contraceptives and told no more showers or parties etc. 
  • 1996 –We upgraded our mode of transport and bought a new car – a Jetta 2 Cli, thanks to Stannic. It was in this year that the bank launched their cricket sponsorship. Yeah for the boys
  • 1997 – My bear and my dad start their own company – Tagmarc Auto Repairs
  • 1998 – We had an unforgettable holiday in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique right on the beach front with some of the crazies in the advertising department. Very odd that we even considered going with some complete strangers and totally different people to us. My two boys loved this holiday
  • 1999 – Getting ready for the 2000 bug that’s all they talked about, I’m not into technical IT stuff zzzz
  • 2000 – Moo started primary school!! Nedcor bids for a take-over or merge, that was a scary and very busy time in the advertising department. We also launched a new pay-off line “Simpler.Better.Faster.”
  • 2001 – Tigs started primary school!! Many changes and moves around the building and work load increasing fast and furious.
  • 2002 – Ruthless left the bank with her red pen and left SA, we never thought that was going to happen
  • 2003 – Boys are growing we needed a bigger house….home loans made that possible again and we bought our second home, now my boys had their own bedroom
  • 2004 – Working with accounts, month end and year end is starting to work on nerves and I hate azimuth
  • 2005 – Left finance, budgets, invoices, statements, reports and a horrible boss forever. At last!!! Started working for two really awesome gentlemen & directors in marketing as their PA
  • 2006 – Our new logo and pay off line “Inspired.Motivated.Involved” was launched. My dad passed away in December. Moo is awarded the DUX award for academic achievement in grade 7
  • 2007 – Moo started high school!! For my big 40 birthday the girls at work arranged for a stripper to jump out of a box in the office!
  • 2008 – Tigs started high school!! We move around a lot at work but this was the biggest move ever, a whole new building. Just imagine the chaos of moving 40 odd unenthusiastic people in my team
  • 2009 – It was a very hectic and crazy year at work I had a new maniac boss that left before I had the opportunity of pushing him out the 8th floor window! Bank launched the “Moving forward” campaign
  • 2010 – World cup soccer in SA! We have a million flags at home, Jozi is alive with what we call gees (spirit). The bank opens its first real branch in Angola, I have to mention that because I was born there
  • 2011 – National Senior Certificate with seven distinctions. Well done Moo, we are so very proud of you
  • 2012 – The bank turns 150 today. Happy Birthday Standard Bank. We end off the year with a sh-boom sh-boom. And we arrive at work one day to find the dreadful scanning machines are gone! Sh-boom sh-boom Ya-da-da Da-da-da ……

I have made so many friends here, sadly some have passed away, others have moved to different countries or companies. But over all these years of remembering there a few that started work with me and have been here as long as I have. They are the ones that have known me this long…they have seen me cry, know a secret or two about me, have hugged me on my birthday, have listened to my stories and shared theirs with me over so many great breakfasts and lunches.

Thank you my friends you’ve made it special

Gallery tour

I wish I could have photographed all of them…Enjoy the small tour into the 20th century masters.

Monday morning the french will be there and they will start packing and all these pieces go back to their original homes. So glad they visited for a while.

Henri Matisse [Young Woman in White]
So pretty and now I’ve see a real Matisse

Pablo Picasso [Nude]
What was he thinking when he painted this? Still I like it 🙂

Gustave Courbet [Portrait of Paul Chenavard]
Brilliant painting.

Georg Baselitz [Elke VI]
isn’t it amazing, when we turn it the wrong way? Brilliant

Georg Baselitz [Elke VI]
yeah it’s meant to be upside down

Felix Valloton [Abandoned Reading]
picture perfect, the most beautiful. I love this painting

Emile Othon Friesz [Hammock]
I sat and stared at this one for ages

Edgar Degas [Dancers on Stage]
Another very famous artist and painting

Auguste Renoir [Young Girl]
it’s a Renoir! 🙂


Andre Masson [Niobe]
strange painting but very beautiful

If you love art

I know I am a very lucky girl. I’m lucky because I get to work right in the middle of Johannesburg CBD a real concrete jungle at times. But if I take a walk outside there are some beautiful typical city scenes too. The large old trees is one of them, you just need to take a walk down the street and you will find yourself in the shade of tree and not a building. In autumn you can walk over the dry leaves and hear and feel the crunch under your feet 🙂

The other reason I’m lucky is that there is a gallery in my office. Yip, we have our very own art collection and our very own art gallery. And if you walk around the building you will find the walls in some of the corridors, board rooms and reception areas are covered with beautiful art.

I guess that only really matters if you love art. I don’t know. And don’t for a minute think it’s all curios or some strange stuff off the street. Remember Picasso and Africa? It was mind blowing, I loved it and still recall (with a huge smile) some of the trips to the gallery to see monsieur Picasso’s art. What fun.

See, what I mean when I say – I am a lucky girl?! Who gets to visit a gallery during working hours? Who gets to see original master pieces painted by some of the greatest artists the world has ever known? Who gets to visit international galleries and see these master pieces in their real home anyway?

So you can imagine my excitement and happiness at being so privileged to see art of this quality, something that I would never get to do in my lifetime if it weren’t for the gallery in my office. Oh I love how that sounds…so grand!!

Standard Bank 20th Century Masters – thank you for bringing such beauty to our city.

Let me enjoy it for a minute just casue I can …. it’s my lunch time

Henri Matisse [Young Woman in White]

Henri Matisse [Young Woman in White]
Jean Helion [Gothic Figure]

Emile-Othon Friesz [The Hammock]

Emile-Othon Friesz [The Hammock]

Lunch Time in the Gallery

I went back this week to look at the art one last time and say good bye….


I have some photos of my favorite pieces will share with you on a separate post. And soon I will walk around my building and take pictures of all the beautiful art work in the office you should see it.