There’s a lesson in here for us ….

I watched this advert a few times this weekend, and it got me every time (emotions and tears).  In South Africa and I am sure everywhere else in the world we face the same opportunities every day.

Opportunity to help someone in need.

Opportunity to change someone’s life.

Opportunity to be kind and generous.

There’s a lesson in here for all of us ….Of course we know not all of these stories turn out like this, but it’s not for us to know or judge or see into the future and what is he/she going to do with the money we give. We must just remember that the ultimate demonstration of love is to serve.

Unsung Hero

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

― Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank

Purple City

271267262I love October and November for one reason only. Jacaranda Trees. I absolutely love these trees for the color the sweet smell and just because Joburg is so beautiful when it’s colored in purple or lilac flowers. Every year I drive arround taking photos of every tree that catches my eye. And that’s hard because I think every single one is breathtaking. In the late afternoon when there’s a storm on the way and the sky dark with thick clouds then the trees are truly breathtaking! Darker. And they just seem to stand out there asking to be looked at. The best part of the afternoon drive home is stopping under a tree for a bit of the sweet perfume….


I started late this year, hopefully next week I will have more time to drive slowly and stop for more pics, so far these are my favourite





A Perfect Day

I always need another massage or facial. I always love a spa day. There are no words to describe my awesome fruit breakfast, great lunch and the total relaxation from massages and nice smelling goodies in gentle hands. This place is a real treasure. What a fabulous day! @ Fairlawns Boutique Hotel





Hide and seek

flawsIt has been ages since my last blog! I don’t even know why?

A lot has happened in that time; and at the same I can say nothing much has happened. I have been busy and extremely lazy.

I think it’s the whole season change, makes me want to hibernate. I love to live in slippers and PJ’s and have been wearing flat shoes and jeans to work on most days. I’m sure people are talking about what I’m wearing. I’m not the smart office dresser but do usually put more effort into the whole ME look. Lately, washed hair and jeans is just enough.

Unmotivated, grumpy, and even hating work or feeling very un-loyal (I’ve always been the very loyal type) so this feeling is kind of new. Thinking about my flaws…..

My kids sometimes say things that bother or worry me, like;

  • “I hate people”
  • “Many things bother me, 7,021,836,029 things to be exact, which coincidently is Earth’s Human Population”
  • “Why must there be so many people on this planet, I hate people”

These pasts few days, weeks, maybe month I have been feeling exactly the same. Ugh! That’s terrible. Also my old negative feelings, and I just can’t blog when I’m feeling that way. Another ugh!

Anyway, its winter, time to hibernate. Hair is static again! Drinking loads of hot chocolate, nice and fattening! Got a new phone and that process nearly had me pulling my hair out. Supermoon was here and that must have had some crazy effect on people and their moods.

Finished a beautiful painting (not hibernating in art) and paid varsity fees for two students. Can’t believe I have two boys in varsity. I’m sure that is part of my whole sad mood. My bear bought a bike, I call it his middle age crises, he says its to save on petrol.

And I’m watching and waiting with the rest of the world I guess on the Mandela story.

I’m back, I’m blogging again.

Dear Santa

There’s a Christmas genie out there called Stiletto Mum full of good cheer; she has decided to create a Secret Santa project for bloggers!! Thank you for your initiative Charlotte. I’m sure this is going to be great fun. We the secret Santa’s don’t know each other but a plan has been put in place to find the perfect gift for your Secret Santa Friend. This is how-it-works: secret-santa

Here is my letter to Santa ….

Dear Santa
I’ve been a very good girl this year. Actually maybe you should define the word ‘good’. I’m not sure anymore, there were some days when I might have been a bit impatient and maybe I went a bit overboard and….oh maybe I should just start this letter with ‘Let me explain’
Anyway I have a secret friend somewhere in the blog world that is going to reward me this year, for being good. So if you can help her find something from my wish list that would be really nice.
  • I don’t wear any jewelry
  • I paint so anything arty is always good see my gallery  
  • I like Body Shop creams and things (cocoa butter, coconut, vanilla scents)
  • I like hearts (home decorations, carved ones etc)
  • Nice smelling goodies like soaps, bubble baths and salts in any scent except lavender. I especially like lemon grass
  • Summer scarves 🙂
  • Wind chimes, butterflies & dragon flies
  • Chocolate! Brown or dark chocolate, not white. Cadbury’s and Lindt none of that other stuff
  • Magazines (Country Life & SA Artist) and books (Francine Rivers & Spud – I’ve read all of them, they are hilarious
Santa will you please get the little elves to deliver my secret Santa gift this December?
Much love, Paula
PS: May I ask for one more thing? I’d like a new blogger friend, that’s the point of this isn’t it? To make new friends…and the real meaning of Santa and Christmas. Here’s to friendships everywhere ♥