A walk in the city

I came to Johannesburg in 1975 and we settled in the city center, we lived there until 1989.  We then moved to the very quiet suburb of Mondeor, those first nights I missed the noisy street sounds…

a little bit of Newtown

a little bit of Newtown

Yesterday I went for a walk in the city with a few colleagues, I have so many photos of the outing that I decided a blog post was the best way to share the sights.

I grew up here in the middle of the city, we lived in Joubert Park and town and Hillbrow were like playgrounds. The familiar buildings like Ponte and the two towers (Hillbrow & Brixton) were landmarks that helped us find our way back home and I mean that literally because we walked everywhere and walked for ever, there were no limits, we just kept going and exploring.  When it was time to go back home the best GPS was to just gaze at the view in front of you and start the trek back home. My dad taught us to always look for the Hillbrow tower and just walk in that direction. We never got lost. These buildings and the city were hometown, the city centre that we just called town had and still has a fantastic mix of old and new. It’s a place that still inspires strong emotions in me. I love the city center. It’s rough and beautiful and busy and can easily be quiet and peaceful.

It’s a concrete jungle filled and surrounded by a real forest, there are thousands of trees in Joburg city center. Over the years there have been many changes…some destruction and some abandoned places and lots of success stories and successful efforts in upgrading it.

But the walk yesterday was not around our old area and near the old address, we went west towards Newtown. It was a great morning and experience, something I knew I would enjoy because I really love walking in the city streets.  Jozi has a unique character, lots of original features and a rich history to share with anyone that is interested….

MTN Taxi rank, last minute shopping, lots of variety

MTN Taxi rank, last-minute shopping, lots of variety

this is like the London tube map (Underground) :-) it really is the same

this is like the London tube map (Underground) 😀 it really is the same

Diagonal Street, the Diamond building built in 1984

Diagonal Street, the Diamond building built-in 1984

Muti shop (Muti is a form of traditional medicine preactised in SA. The word muti is derived from the Zulu word for tree)

Muti shop (Muti is a form of traditional medicine practised in SA. The word muti is derived from the Zulu word for tree)

a bit of lace still remains in the city a reminder of the Dutch heritage and the street s lined with trees

a bit of lace still remains in the city a reminder of the Dutch heritage.  Streets lined with trees

Walter and Albertina Sisulu

Walter and Albertina Sisulu.  Shoe man 😀

In this small building was the office of the law practice of Nelson Mandela & Oliver Tambo. Statue of Mandela the boxer in front of the Magistrate's Court

In this small building was the office of the law practice of Nelson Mandela & Oliver Tambo. Statue of Mandela the boxer in front of the Magistrate’s Court


So many things to discover in the streets of Johannesburg

Johannesburg. Joburg. Jozi. City of Gold. Welcoming city. You are a soaring space!


There’s a lesson in here for us ….

I watched this advert a few times this weekend, and it got me every time (emotions and tears).  In South Africa and I am sure everywhere else in the world we face the same opportunities every day.

Opportunity to help someone in need.

Opportunity to change someone’s life.

Opportunity to be kind and generous.

There’s a lesson in here for all of us ….Of course we know not all of these stories turn out like this, but it’s not for us to know or judge or see into the future and what is he/she going to do with the money we give. We must just remember that the ultimate demonstration of love is to serve.

Unsung Hero

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

― Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank

Is this a RickRoll?

Never thought I’d put my thoughts out there; for friends or strangers to read. This is

going completely out of character for me, I have been sharing my secrets.

To open up like this and

give everything of myself…..There’s always that bit of secrecy you have to hold back.

You can’t share everything. Right? Some things have to be left in the vault or

up to one’s imagination. I also

never thought that cooking spaghetti would one day be banished but now I’m

going to have to find something else

to go with bolognaise and

let me tell you the Italians won’t be happy with that. But

you might one day find me singing and stirring the potjie somewhere

down in that map of the boot in the awesome city called Rome.

Never thought or dreamt that I would one day be

going there & that did come true!  I tell you I have to go back, then the next biggie is 

to go to Greece and drink cocktails in Mykonos then to  

run around in Paris trying all the patisseries and after all that eating I’d have to run

around Portugal visiting family that is so spread out all over the land….

and of course to see the bull fighting in Spain, and I would not ever dream to

desert my friends and family in the UK,

you know they’d be offended if I didn’t visit them too.

Never once did I think that I was

going to be the mom of two wonderful boys that drive me

to drink on most days and at the same time

make my knees wobble and give me hearty laughs,

you know that feeling when you just want to

cry and cry and then cry of laughter! I also

never thought the boys would be so brilliant, I’m  

going to be honest with you here and I have

to tell you that they don’t take after mommy. I would normally not   

say such things…but *she shrugs* It’s almost time to say

goodbye and then I can’t see you laugh at me infront of your PC

Never, never did I imagine I was one day

going to try such a thing as a blog and

tell you in some bizarre way all my secretes and in

a more abnormal manner share my dreams with you, without ever uttering a

lie! Oh dear, I do hope I have not lied to you…

and exaggerated things and feelings, I would not want to

hurt you in anyway. For

you are my new friends and confidents!


That was my Rick Roll, *sigh* I’m exhausted, this was kind of fun, I think.

Was this a real RickRoll?

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school prank

What do you say to the mother…?

sad-womanBeing a mother means that your role in the world has changed. It means that every day you experience the greatest love you have ever felt. It means you come last and your child first. You live on little sleep and food and survive on some kind of energy drink maybe it is coffee but most times its silent prayers that come with deep sighs.

It’s the most difficult job in the world and you don’t get a manual or training to go with it. Because we learn as we go along I ask you – maybe you have more experience than I do – What do you say to a mom that has a disabled child? What do you say to a mother that has a son in jail? What do you say to the mother of a drug addict?

See I know all three mom’s. The last one the mother of a drug addict is the one that was here last night till very late; waiting for news on her only child. News that maybe this time her child has learned the hard lesson and has decided to change and to get better, to accept help.

I’m standing outside looking in and I can see the danger, the sadness, the anger and complete helplessness. She can’t because she’s the mom. This is her only child. She’s waiting for good news, a new dawn. What do you say to the mother of a drug addict?

Looking in is easy to have opinions and ideas and to say I have read about “tough-love” you must be tough! But she is a mother, a woman of the same club that has experienced the greatest love and lived on little food and sleep and energy drinks. She has whispered those silent prayers and deep sighs. She is helpless and tired and hoping for good news, a miracle recovery of her child.

We pray for this family daily and for a miracle. In the mean time what am I suppose to say to this mother?

…write no evil

Speak no evil. hear No evil. Look no evilWhere have I been these past few weeks?

I don’t actually know!

I have not blogged in what feels like ages. Is it writers block 😀 or am I just out of ideas and stuff to say?

I blog about the boys, my art, family, heartaches, happy moments, holidays, my photographer and God. Sometimes I blog about the few recipes that work out and recently my running. None of that has stopped it’s all still going on, I’m thinking of the next race, I’m busy with a painting that is taking long, the boys and my photographer are still making me happy or making me cry. I made chocolate cake the other day, maybe I should share my secret recipe…but Moo thinks it should stay a secret and stay in the family 🙂

I never blog when I’m angry, disappointed or had a fight with someone close. Not sure why, it’s hard to bare that side of my soul and to share what I’m feeling and thinking at a time like that.

I have been busy, feeling lazy and tired. The ideas and half posts and blogs are sitting somewhere in little notes or deep inside. I’m sure it will all come out again, soon.

Sorry for the silence. For now it’s – hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and write no evil