There’s a lesson in here for us ….

I watched this advert a few times this weekend, and it got me every time (emotions and tears).  In South Africa and I am sure everywhere else in the world we face the same opportunities every day.

Opportunity to help someone in need.

Opportunity to change someone’s life.

Opportunity to be kind and generous.

There’s a lesson in here for all of us ….Of course we know not all of these stories turn out like this, but it’s not for us to know or judge or see into the future and what is he/she going to do with the money we give. We must just remember that the ultimate demonstration of love is to serve.

Unsung Hero

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

― Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank

I love TV adverts

I love TV adverts. There I’ve said it.

I do. I know that might sound totally crazy a nerd type of thing. To my family, I am crazy, cause we fight for the remote all the time and I moan when it gets to an ad break and they immediately flip to another channel. No. They can’t watch any advert on TV, they refuse to. The worst is when I have seen part of one and they quickly flip to another channel and I don’t get to see the end of the advert. It’s like missing the end of a story!

So why do I like something that others hate so much? I don’t know, I just know I do and I’m not going to apologize for my craziness or nerdy-ness.

Of course there are some really annoying, stupid, idiotic, waste of money adverts; and I could give you a nice long list…but mostly advertising is –

  • Important to us
  • Creative
  • Entertaining
  • Genius – And the people that create them are just that – genius (except the hippo ad gracing our screens at the moment)

It sounds a bit biased because I’ve worked in the marketing department for years and I’ve seen bad ones and brilliant ones in my own company. So as a TV advert admirer … last week we attended a presentation on Cannes Lions and time was limited, we didn’t have all day so I do believe we got to see some of the best and from that little presentation these are my very favorite:

Help I want to save a life  (click on title for details of the brief) 

The Marrow Donor Registry desperately needs more people and because I am a registered possible donor I believe everyone should be one too. Take a look at this clever ad and initiative –

The book that can’t wait   (click on the title for details of the brief)

Books. Who doesn’t love them?! This is brilliant, so clever. I love it. I want this book! –

The most popular song   (click on the title for details of the brief)

Music. Global crisis. Unemployment. A song that changed a country. I love the song, it’s for a bank too. The idea and the pay off line (so close to work) so motivating and inspiring. We all need a good song, listen to it –

I hope I have not bored you…I could go on for ever, I really do love this 🙂