Zanzibar dreaming …

In October I posted about how we are celebrating our Silver Anniversary and I had this to say – we are taking a little trip, it’s something we have not done for ourselves in all the years together.  We never really went overseas….

So we did take our trip and came back from the most memorable time and holiday!  What do I say about Zanzibar and our time there?  It was so amazing and so memorable and so good for both of us.  After 25 years of marriage, of life revolving around the boys, the school and house stuff, work and bills and so many other mundane things it was quite wonderful that we had other things to talk about.  We talked, laughed and relaxed.  I don’t know what else to say except that the island has lots to see and do and if you want to be a real tourist it will keep you quite busy.  If you want to just relax and do nothing this is also the perfect place for that.  From the minute we arrived everything was just perfect and our time together was unforgettable.

So let me share some photos of two really special days – the day we did snorkeling and our last day on the resort doing what I love most – a walk on the beach at low tide.


I am scared of many things but this seems to calm me

Snorkeling in Zanzibar

Snorkeling in Zanzibar close to my face and mask

…so close to my face and mask


I can almost touch them…


Low tide walking into the ocean


Star fish kiss


Relaxing in the warm water


I love you !

One look and you will fall in love with the color and warmth and beauty of Zanzibar, it’s a little piece of paradise, almost like you are dreaming ♥

Why on earth would I work in the same place for so long?

Oh my word, why on earth would I work in the same place for so long? There are so many good reasons why you shouldn’t stay in the same company too long, all documents and articles with career advice and career improvement say that gaps in a CV can hurt you, but long-term employment at the same employer can also be perceived negatively and can hurt you more than those easily explained gaps.

People say that if you stay long enough it means you either found a good employer and enjoy what you do, or you enjoy your comfort zone too much, you are not a risk taker and you have no special skills?!

But in my circle of friends (outside my company) and friends and colleagues (inside my company) they have all worked for the same employer for 30 years, 22 and 18 etc. Very few people I know have been in the same company for less than 10 years, so it seems to me that at least in my little circle I’m not such a weirdo. Being loyal might be old-fashioned and if some believe that loyalty is old-fashioned they probably think the same about faith and honesty and respect. It’s not something I’m going to hide, at my age I have acquired a particular set of skills ( 🙂 ) it’s called principles. With some good old things called loyalty, honesty, faith and respect.

141103_a18661-600So why did I stay in the same company for 25 years? Yeah that’s right, this month I celebrate twenty-five long years in the same blue bank. In the beginning I stayed because I really loved it. I was young and busy and always learning and I truly loved my job.

Then I got stuck in a rut and I started hating it, I hated the repetitive work, the month ends and then starting all over again with new a month only to get to another hectic month-end and the stressful – do you balance and did you make the deadline? I hated my current boss. At that time I went to two external interviews, one was not successful the second one was but that implied travelling to Sandton. Even today if you ask me to drive to Sandton every day I will cringe at the thought and say; no, there must be something better. Years ago the thought was beyond scary and after sweating at the interview and feeling relieved that someone else wanted me I felt bad saying; no thank you.

So I stayed and some days I hated myself and so many times I cried….but then one day I got out of my comfort zone again and I applied for another position within the company and I made the move! It was the best decision I could have made. I still believe that today. And that is how I reached this landmark of 25 years.

Why I stayed and what I have gained – Reputation of Dependability staying with the same employer for many years has made me dependable. Strong Work Relationships I have created strong and long-lasting work relationships and many good and close friendships over the years. Benefits of course we do have special job benefits, we might moan about them sometimes not being enough but actually they’re not bad and they do exist. And then there’s growth and learning. Stability worrying about next month or next year? That kind of stress is something I could not deal with and it would have ruined my health and life. For me this journey has been a good one and the right choice.

In March this year a young friend and colleague had a stroke, it came as a huge shock to all of us she is in her early 30’s and if there were any warning signs she missed them or she didn’t know what to look out for. She has been recovering slowly and will be back in the office later this month, she is also a personal assistant like I am and during the time she has been away her boss has kept her post open. She tried to manage her busy work schedule with assistance from one or two other PA’s in our area but all the time she kept that position open and didn’t look for a temp because her girl would be back. She had to come back. This is the type of consideration I think you only get if you have been in the company for a while. I guess it also helps that it’s a huge company so there are things in place to look after staff…but I still thought this was admirable of the director to wait all the time while being positive that her PA would be back soon.

And so I say to myself, oh my word; “25 years long service award, how amazeballs is that!”

I’m so happy that my company rewards staff and recognises loyalty and so the award $$ I’m getting this month is going to be part of something so memorable and so special for me and my husband I can barely wait and contain myself. So much excitement.

Two quotes I really like –

Loyalty is a two-way street, if I’m asking for it from you, then you’re getting it from me. _ Harvey Specter

Because that describes me perfectly

I see life almost like one long university education that I never had – everyday I’m learning something new. _ Richard Branson

Because…you shouldn’t think you know everything, you don’t. You are always learning and don’t judge those that never went to university

So if you are in a good place, stay, and stay for as long as you want….

What’s in my marriage box?

995526_590584424315949_1525631118_nThe other day someone shared this on FB – Marriage Box – people believe that a marriage is a beautiful box full of all the things we have longed for……Then it says that marriage is an empty box, we must put something in before we can take something out….

Well after 23 years (celebrating 23 today) I am still not an expert on the subject and I will never be one. I can’t give anyone any advice. BUT I’m going to try in my own way tell you; how it’s worked out….this is what I have in my marriage box….

Keep your comments to yourself


Don’t try to change each other


Be nice, in this life and in the afterlife 😀

be nice

Don’t criticize each other


Be rude to your co-workers (they deserve it more)


Eat bear steak with wild rice  😀


Always, always put the toilet seat down!


Stay active !!


This has been so much fun I might continue and give you “Part 2” – It cannot just end like this, seems so abrupt. To be continued.

Happy Anniversary to us! ♥ ♥ ♥

My busy month

October is my busy month, It is my favourite month of the year!. My social calendar is full. With lots of little meetings and plans being made; meeting of new people at strange bike clubs, my normal Wednesday night art classes and committee meetings about the charity exhibition 😀

It’s vegetarian month and I’m challenging myself to be VEGAN for a month and that is not going very well 😦

It’s suppose to be raining but nothing big has happened yet, no thunderstorms and I’m dying to swim. (I believe you can only swim after the first rain!!)

The Jacaranda trees start showing and colouring the sky with purple and I love that

…and most importantly it’s anniversary month. Oh my hat, last year we both forgot. We have a few days before the big date – and we will be celebrating 23 years.

Gifts by the year suggest a “silver plate” *boring*

happy n

I know I’ve been married too long…

When do you know you’ve been married too long? I know I’ve been married too long because….

♥      I can walk out the bath butt-naked and he doesn’t even bat-an-eyelid

♥      We look related, more like brother and sister or cousins than husband and wife

♥      He grunts and I know what it means

♥      We wear the same size pants – I think

♥      I know how he likes his tea but I use less sugar on purpose

♥      I say ‘whatever’ to most of his questions or comments

♥      We have nick names for each other and it’s not ‘darling’

♥      We call ourselves ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’

♥      We used to bond and enjoy the same music and share love cards; now we bond over messages from our son that’s living in another city

♥      He’s ok with me ogling Bon Jovi, Richard Gere or Matt Damon, and I’m ok if he stares at Pamela Anderson’s boobs

♥      Neither of us can remarry — no one else must ever learn how much I (we) snore

♥      On New Year’s Eve we happily go to bed at 10 p.m.

♥      It’s 22 years today and we both forgot about our anniversary 😮

That’s how I know I’ve been married too long! BUT we would do it all over again if we had to. It’s such a good feeling to have been remimded by a friend and when I phoned him we both laughed about it on the phone 😀

Happy Anniversary to my bear! Love you lots