A real duck of a day

Oh so the week ending on Friday the 8th was just a crazy week, aren’t they all the same? Yeah but some are ok, and not quite as stressful or busy. Believe me when I say this particular week was just crazy, I was so glad for Friday afternoon…and so the new Monday promised to be a better week.

But Tuesday evening I tripped and fell in the house in my slippers on the way from the sofa to the kitchen (go figure, I always hatted the kitchen). And as I have a history of injuries with my feet and have broken my left foot with a very small fall a few years ago, also at home in slippers (don’t blame the slippers).  I knew that this was no joke and nothing to smile about or shrug off. It was damn sore and I was half crying half moaning for my son to help me, got myself back on the sofa and he brought me two ice packs. I sat there very still and shivering until I found courage to go to bed. Aaand I prepared a hospital pack just in case it was needed.

Wednesday morning we went for x-rays and the good news was that there was no fracture, I still left the pack at home in a nice corner just in case. The rest of the week was spent at home in a moon boot or air cast (let me know if you need one for fancy dress party) with my foot up waiting for the swelling to go away.


Today I went to the office for a few hours in the morning there was work stuff to take care of. Firstly my boss was flying off to UK and her visa was still not approved! The day turned into total madness around this visa and the possibility of cancelling the whole trip.

Anyway so I had to go back to the hospital today to check on the swelling and possible ligament damage. Ouch. I finished my appointment and was waiting for hubby to fetch me.

During that time I was busy with messages to my boss and a friend, all about work or the visa. Somewhere in the middle of this I sent my boss a message that was meant for my friend. One of those messages that’s kind of sort of about someone else in the office…  *frown face*

That’s when I said “oh duck!” “oh duck!” a few times, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or both, the security guy that stands at hospital entrance was like; “mummy, you ok?” “Oh Duck!”

While waiting for hubby and I knew it could take some time I decided to have a bite to eat. I was halfway through my sandwich when he arrived and I had to run out with half the food hanging out my mouth. Literally. Oh yes I paid before I started eating, that was the only food I had all day….arrived home ready to eat a horse, then I remembered we don’t have horse and I’m vegetarian.

It was just one of those days!!  But it’s over now, foot is on its way to recovery no huge damage or surgery needed and the bad days and stress days are over. I declare that from today I will have ridiculously amazing days.

In the meantime my boss received her passport in her hand with the visa stamp at 17h05; her flight was leaving at 19h30. And the message I sent? I apologized for it and she said; “ha ha no worries – some things stay between us”

Sjoe what a relief!

Here’s to a  ridiculously amazing week and no more ducks!

Wrong and Right

Another day of complete craziness mixed with some not so bad moments. And I’m putting them down as a reminder of what I learned from all of it ….

~ What went wrong ~

Negative thoughts – That soft dark voice that keeps coming back to tell me I’m not good enough, I cried, was sad and depressed and it took me some time to get rid of that feeling.

Mistakes – I made a few today, was rushed and trying to finish some urgent things and made some stupid mistakes. You can’t always tipex them out. Once they are out they are exposed.

Noise – I made lots of it this afternoon, and I was only reminded late in the day that I was becoming a bit *^&*$%. Really? Girls please stop me early on in the noise making process. Don’t let me carry on like some crazy person.

~ What went right ~

Coffee – When I got to my desk there was a cup of coffee waiting for me, still hot. It reminded me that some friends never forget you no matter how busy they are.

Chat – With a friend that knows how to read me (she doesn’t know it) she always finds her way to my desk on the right days.

Work – It was busy, hectic! But I actually managed to tick some things off my to-do-list, that was a good feeling at the end of the day.

Project – My friend shared a secret with me and asked if I’d like to be part of a special little project, yeahness. I love stuff like that #excited!

Art – It’s Wednesday so it’s art class, started a new painting and I loved everything about tonight.

Now that looks like more right than wrong. And I’m left with a very wise saying….             “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

*sigh* easier said than done I think, but I will leave the house with that in mind tomorrow.