Unfinished works

Some of the paintings that hang in my house are finished, but there are times when I look at them and find one or two very small faults. Little things that bother only me and that make me think one day, one day, I must take it down and fix that.

It is like that with many great masters and artists too. There are many pieces that were finished and then finished again, repainted and fixed. Leonardo da Vinci said,

“Art is never finished only abandoned”

And so it should be. Never finish something 100% leave it so you can come back one day and tweak it – fix it – fine tune it.

Is your work ever really done or complete when raising a child? No. Not in my mind. I am at the cross roads with two grown boys almost ready to leave and face the world on their own and yet I look at them and think…I need to teach you one extra little thing. Tell you something new. Hold you one more time. Fix a tiny habit you have developed. Oh, please just let me hold you one more time and stay here, close to me just a little longer.

You are not ready yet my boys. And I am not finished or ready for you to leave, let ma paint a little more….

A great piece of artwork is never finished, there is always room for another brush stroke and a little improvement.      – Painting-Mom

My heart is officially out-of-my-body and in my hands or very carelessly in his hands. They both think they are ready and that the art work is finished, if they only knew….

Moo is one year old here this was his birthday present – First ‘car’

Moo nineteen years old, his birthday present – First Real Car