Twenty One Today


Twenty one years ago, on this day 12 July it was Tuesday at 16h00 a beautiful little boy was born! We called him Moo.

This is not a brag post. But it is about my son and about his accomplishments. He has surprised us and then some with all his achievements.

He finished primary school with a certificate of merit for academic achievement in five subjects and the Highest Attainment DUX Award. He went on to finish high school with a distinction in all seven subjects and the DUX Award for Academic Excellence.

Of course we are proud parents. Moo was born a winner and a fighter. Determined, ambitious with a brilliant mind. Destined for greatness.

Today is his birthday, he is 21 years old!  Today I am emotional, I stand in awe, looking up at a young man who is much taller than I am. He’s tall in so many ways…soaring and towering. I am amazed at the beautiful young adult he has become.

However I’d like him to be prepared for life.

Life sometimes throws us some nasty’s, some curve balls, hardships and disappointments that bring us to the ground. And should that happen, he needs to be prepared for it, to get up and continue with the same determination and willpower.

Don’t ever give up my child. You are destined for greatness! When you do feel like life is getting tough and you want to give up, we will be there to cheer you up. We will pick you up and take your hand and finish that race with you. Right by your side, no matter where you are or how old you are. Your greatest fans and cheerleaders will be there with you.

You will have one more person right by your side – God. When you are hurt or struggling, He will be there faster than your cheerleaders and He will come to your rescue. He will pick you up when you fall, take His hand.

Today I thank God for giving me the best gift in the world. And I thank Him for lending me this most special boy, I hope I have not failed Him.

We wish you a very happy 21st birthday my beautiful son. We wish you many years filled with health and loads of happiness.

You must know that we love you dearly, no matter what, we are so proud of you today and always.

We both love you lots…Ma loves you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday my Moo ♥

The day you were born

Nineteen ninety-four (1994) was a busy year in South African politics.

In March South Africa was readmitted to the Olympic games by the International Olympic Committee

In April (26 to 29) the first democratic elections take place and the ANC wins In April, SA adopts its new multi-coloured flag as its national flag

In May, Nelson Mandela is sworn in as the first post-apartheid President of South Africa and FW de Klerk and Thabo Mbeki become joint deputy presidents

In December the ANC hold their 49th National Conference in Bloemfontein

It was in 1994 that The Lion King was released one of your favourite movies when you were small

And the cricket captain that year was still Hansie Cronje

The famous boxer Manny Pacquiao that you like so much was born on this day too – 17 December

tigs 1

Two weeks old

Streets of Philadelphia – Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting – All For Love, Mariah Carey – Without You were the songs of the year. But when we drove home with you on 22 December it was Julio Iglesias CD that was playing on our car radio – Song of Joy – it has a beautiful Christmassy sound to it. I remember it like it was yesterday.

We were home in time for Christmas with a small little angel in my arms, it was love at first sight, you were a soft gentle little baby. No fuss ever and the best feeling in the world was when you’d fall asleep in my arms. We took long naps like that me and you.

I could hear you breathe and feel that little heart beat and feel your breath on my face. Look at you now, standing in front of me, you are so grown up!

Where is the baby boy of the family? Where have you gone? Those nights you would sleep in the middle with your little hand on my breast, the tiny footsteps running to our room in the middle of the night where has it all gone?

All I wish for and pray for is that you are happy and healthy. Please take care of my heart your holding it so carelessly in your beautiful long hands. The day you were born my heart was gone forever…..Hold it nicely my son and keep it in a safe place, it’s your forever.

♥ Happy 18th birthday to my grogeous baby boy, I love you with all my heart ♥

22 out of 150

22 /150 is a bad mark if this is what’s on your report card or maths test. It’s just 14% and that would be a big fail. But 22 years in the same company that turns 150 years old is like getting a B + (in my opinion anyway)

Today my company is 150 years old and it was very close to October that I started working here too.

So here is a bit of my history, 22 years of my life and experience in the big blue bank…..

  • 1990 – Started working in the bank in August and I was married this year in October…was given a bridal shower, started learning new things, new names and made new friends
  • 1991 – I worked as budget controller looking after advertising ‘budgets’.  Processing invoices and printing numerous reports for internal clients on a monthly basis
  • 1992 – We bought our first home with the help of the home loans department….looking ahead so you’re not left behind
  • 1993 – In June I was given a baby shower for my first born and then I took the rest of the year off on maternity leave. Bank launched a new campaign “With us you can go so much further”
  • 1994 – Back from maternity leave and had another baby shower in December for my second child
  • 1995 – Came back from maternity leave in June and was teased about lack of contraceptives and told no more showers or parties etc. 
  • 1996 –We upgraded our mode of transport and bought a new car – a Jetta 2 Cli, thanks to Stannic. It was in this year that the bank launched their cricket sponsorship. Yeah for the boys
  • 1997 – My bear and my dad start their own company – Tagmarc Auto Repairs
  • 1998 – We had an unforgettable holiday in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique right on the beach front with some of the crazies in the advertising department. Very odd that we even considered going with some complete strangers and totally different people to us. My two boys loved this holiday
  • 1999 – Getting ready for the 2000 bug that’s all they talked about, I’m not into technical IT stuff zzzz
  • 2000 – Moo started primary school!! Nedcor bids for a take-over or merge, that was a scary and very busy time in the advertising department. We also launched a new pay-off line “Simpler.Better.Faster.”
  • 2001 – Tigs started primary school!! Many changes and moves around the building and work load increasing fast and furious.
  • 2002 – Ruthless left the bank with her red pen and left SA, we never thought that was going to happen
  • 2003 – Boys are growing we needed a bigger house….home loans made that possible again and we bought our second home, now my boys had their own bedroom
  • 2004 – Working with accounts, month end and year end is starting to work on nerves and I hate azimuth
  • 2005 – Left finance, budgets, invoices, statements, reports and a horrible boss forever. At last!!! Started working for two really awesome gentlemen & directors in marketing as their PA
  • 2006 – Our new logo and pay off line “Inspired.Motivated.Involved” was launched. My dad passed away in December. Moo is awarded the DUX award for academic achievement in grade 7
  • 2007 – Moo started high school!! For my big 40 birthday the girls at work arranged for a stripper to jump out of a box in the office!
  • 2008 – Tigs started high school!! We move around a lot at work but this was the biggest move ever, a whole new building. Just imagine the chaos of moving 40 odd unenthusiastic people in my team
  • 2009 – It was a very hectic and crazy year at work I had a new maniac boss that left before I had the opportunity of pushing him out the 8th floor window! Bank launched the “Moving forward” campaign
  • 2010 – World cup soccer in SA! We have a million flags at home, Jozi is alive with what we call gees (spirit). The bank opens its first real branch in Angola, I have to mention that because I was born there
  • 2011 – National Senior Certificate with seven distinctions. Well done Moo, we are so very proud of you
  • 2012 – The bank turns 150 today. Happy Birthday Standard Bank. We end off the year with a sh-boom sh-boom. And we arrive at work one day to find the dreadful scanning machines are gone! Sh-boom sh-boom Ya-da-da Da-da-da ……

I have made so many friends here, sadly some have passed away, others have moved to different countries or companies. But over all these years of remembering there a few that started work with me and have been here as long as I have. They are the ones that have known me this long…they have seen me cry, know a secret or two about me, have hugged me on my birthday, have listened to my stories and shared theirs with me over so many great breakfasts and lunches.

Thank you my friends you’ve made it special


Tata, what do you see with your 90 year old eyes that you didn’t see when you were in your 30’s? That was impossible to see when you were in your 40’s. That you never dreamed of seeing. And that you wish you could see for an eternity?

Everyone will be doing it today….The world will be wishing tata (Xhosa – father) Madiba a happy 94th birthday!

So here is my Happy Birthday in South Africa’s eleven official languages…and one or two more.

Happy Birthday

Veels geluk

Ilanga elimnandi lamabeletho

Mahlatse letšatšing la matswalo

Letsatsi le monate la tswalo

Lusuku lwekutalwa loluhle

Ndzi tlangela siku ro velekiwa

Masego a Letsatsi la Matsalo

Duvha la mabebo lavhudi

Min’emnandi yokuzalwa

Usuku lokuzalwa oluhle

Parabens a você

Buon compleanno

Joyeux Anniversaire

Happy Happy Birthday Madiba 🙂

Unfinished works

Some of the paintings that hang in my house are finished, but there are times when I look at them and find one or two very small faults. Little things that bother only me and that make me think one day, one day, I must take it down and fix that.

It is like that with many great masters and artists too. There are many pieces that were finished and then finished again, repainted and fixed. Leonardo da Vinci said,

“Art is never finished only abandoned”

And so it should be. Never finish something 100% leave it so you can come back one day and tweak it – fix it – fine tune it.

Is your work ever really done or complete when raising a child? No. Not in my mind. I am at the cross roads with two grown boys almost ready to leave and face the world on their own and yet I look at them and think…I need to teach you one extra little thing. Tell you something new. Hold you one more time. Fix a tiny habit you have developed. Oh, please just let me hold you one more time and stay here, close to me just a little longer.

You are not ready yet my boys. And I am not finished or ready for you to leave, let ma paint a little more….

A great piece of artwork is never finished, there is always room for another brush stroke and a little improvement.      – Painting-Mom

My heart is officially out-of-my-body and in my hands or very carelessly in his hands. They both think they are ready and that the art work is finished, if they only knew….

Moo is one year old here this was his birthday present – First ‘car’

Moo nineteen years old, his birthday present – First Real Car