There’s a lesson in here for us ….

I watched this advert a few times this weekend, and it got me every time (emotions and tears).  In South Africa and I am sure everywhere else in the world we face the same opportunities every day.

Opportunity to help someone in need.

Opportunity to change someone’s life.

Opportunity to be kind and generous.

There’s a lesson in here for all of us ….Of course we know not all of these stories turn out like this, but it’s not for us to know or judge or see into the future and what is he/she going to do with the money we give. We must just remember that the ultimate demonstration of love is to serve.

Unsung Hero

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

― Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank

Coming Soon! Save the Date!

In October 2011 we raised something like R43 000.00 for two charities with a supper awesome art exhibition. Artists from The Art Centre (Johannesburg, Alberton) donated one, two or how ever many paintings they wanted to an art exhibition. Paintings were marked with minimum bid and guests placed secret bids for the art pieces they were interested in. The paintings found a happy home and went to the highest bidder. All proceeds went to the two charities we had chosen that year.

It’s October 2013 and it’s time to invite friends to the Perfect Moments Charity Exhibition 2013!!

Same process, guests will be bidding for donated art works. We are expecting a bigger crowd this year. The charities are the EPIC Foundation – founded by Alta McMaster at the beginning of 2013. Having experienced various traumas in her own life, Alta decided to establish the EPIC Foundation to serve the Gauteng community and victims of rape, abuse and poverty. They do amazing work for rape survivors and abused women.

The other very deserving charity is for Hospice Alberton – they offer home based care to terminally ill people, especially cancer patients, they provide trained caregivers that support and teach families how to care for loved ones. We didn’t have our own Hospice in this area, and the brave lady behind this is Tersia Burger, they started or opened their doors on 1st of January 2013 –Stepping Stone Hospice & Care Services

Aren’t these just the most amazing charities ever? I’m so proud to be part of this project, and I have three paintings to donate. Might actually add more now that I have been reading up on the charities.

So anyway this is my invite to you. If you are in SA please come out to Alberton on Thursday the 24th of October @ 18h30. You can bid and take home a beautiful painting (donated by great artists, awesome, awesome work) and if nothing really grabs your attention, that’s ok. You can make a cash donation to the charities, we will have a special box for that. Your support will be greatly appreciated and will touch so many needy people. Just come!!