New Life


  • Orlando 10km on 9 December 2012
  • Dischem 5km on 13 January 2013
  • Bobbies 10km on 20 January 2013

Those are entries in my diary and part of my New Life – my running partner is FruityLee 🙂

I always say that a new year is a new life. I ended last year with a 10km race that left me stiff for a whole week and I discovered new muscles along with the stiffness. I also sent my running partner rude messages every morning when getting out of bed was just too painful and my bones cracked.

So for this new year I’m back at work and back to some kind of routine at home. Two Sundays have started really early with two races added to my diary – it’s part of what I call My New Life. Getting off the couch and doing some physical activity. I have been sitting comfortably like a couch potato, stretching my legs and then resting some more for so many long years and the weight has been piling on….

These three races have been more about walking than running. I don’t know how to run, I hope I learn to run one of these days or at least jog.

Any and all motivation and encouragement is always welcome. No ugly comments around me for now, so I’m feeling pretty good and proud of myself. It’s not easy to get up at 05h00 and to be at the starting line with hundreds of people passing you so fast you soon feel like you’re the last one. I hate looking back!

But I did it! This is the first time I have ever done anything like this and I’m feeling really proud. Three little entries in my diary, that’s all you need to start and a good partner to push you!

Thank you Lee for not leaving me behind.