A travel diary

I don’t know how to start this story, I just know that it has a few parts to it that need to be broken down a bit. By now a few people have written about living in a time of the coronavirus – the lock-downs, the self-isolation and the quarantine. My story is about my observation as a traveler during this time.

We holiday a lot back home but stamps on my passport are scarce – this is my story and travel diary –

I was last in Portugal in May 1995. At that time I had two babies in my arms both in nappies. I was on maternity leave of my second child and when we came back home a month later maternity leave was over and I was back at work.  And just like that 25 years later I was finally going on my dream trip to Portugal. I just wanted to visit my aunties (my dad’s sisters) I was so excited that I think I started packing end of January.

In February I was surprised with a visit from something called shingles!!! And to add to that I also contracted tick bite fever. I have no idea how I got either one of them, and the doctor actually said stop thinking about it. Stop trying to figure it out, what matters is that we have the blood results; you now have the correct medication and you will be fine. At one stage I really thought I was dying and that I would not make this trip at all. I cried in-between fever sweats and lay awake at night sweating and thinking that maybe I should plan my own funeral. Just in case…it was that bad 😦

It was a terrible month. But I did recover and I did get better and the planning and packing continued. I was most excited because no one knew we were coming. Some of my cousins found out in the middle of the month of February, I told five of them about our arrival date, and five might sound like a good amount of people knowing but in a large family like ours that is nothing!

My sister in law found out about our arrival the day we were leaving SA. At the airport after checking in we sat down for lunch and then we made a video. She received this with photos of our bags being wrapped and put on airport scales. Photos of boarding passes and us standing next to check-in counters. I was excited for us and excited for them!!! It was such a good feeling doing that video, sending it to her and saying; Hi, we coming, we will see you Sunday night at around dinner time. But don’t cook we going out for dinner, a place has been booked. Just give us a bed and a good Portuguese breakfast the day after.

And that she did.

We left SA on the 2nd of March for Portugal, on to Ireland, Italy, and then back to Portugal and finally back home to land in SA on the 25th.

Phew that’s a lot of places in such a short time, we were a bit stretched but the adventurous spirit was larger than life.

So exciting I cant even !!!!!!!!!! ♥

Wedding far far away….

Technology sometimes makes me wish we lived in the old days, even the dark ages sounds better than some of the modern days we live in.

It moves too fast and just does too much, opens too many doors and let’s face it – it’s just information overload!

But this Thursday I was so happy to have access to the internet/technology/equipment and tools that made this possible….

My baby cousin was getting married in Brisbane, Australia on 14 November 2013 at 11h00. Holding my iPhone (I confess I now love it). I checked the times and weather in Australia and set my alarm for 03h15 (the bride is always late so I gave her 15 minutes). I was up at that awful hour, and so glad it’s summer. Then with a click or two on the link they provided I got to be part of the wedding – via Ustream.

JHB, South Africa – it’s still dark at 04h00 but the birds are waking up and starting to sing. I sat in the lounge in the stillness of that early morning clutching my phone and these images got the tears rolling….

First glimpse of my aunt and uncle in front

First glimpse of my aunt and uncle in front

My cousin walking his daughter down the aisle - first glimpse of the bride!!

My cousin walking his daughter down the aisle – first glimpse of the bride!!


...by now I was crying

…by now I was crying

my family *hugs* and cries

my family *hugs* and cries

These small images were screen shots from the wedding video, the bad quality did not distract or ruin anything, the early hour and tiredness the next day was cured with a cup of coffee. It was just awesome to see my little family, unaware that they were being watched so far away….I have not seen some of them for more than 20 years. This little bit here is precious TREASURE to me!!