Because now is all we have


You know today was one of those miserable days I just wanted to escape.

I woke not feeling too good, what I though was just hay fever or something I could treat in the weekend with loads of natural vitamin C at home didn’t really work. So I woke up with a heavy chest, sore and extra croaky voice. It’s kind of sexy, sort of like Demi Moore’s voice expect that runny nose ruins all the sexiness….

Last week a work colleague lost his wife, she died suddenly of an aneurysm leaving him behind and two very tiny little boys, a three-year old and six month old. Her funeral was on Friday.

In the weekend I watched this colleague post things on face book like ….Heaven must be really beautiful right now, since they got you

Then he posted …It isn’t easy !!!!! (and he tagged her)

Today he posts a picture of himself and his boys, today was the baby’s first day at nursery school and he tagged his wife

Somehow right below his FB post was this post from a page I like – Prince Harry page – it’s just a page with loads of royal stuff and pics which I really enjoy looking through…. today they decided to post this


I love this song and listened to it today and of course the tears flowed….

A few months ago it was a young friend from art class. She was pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl at only 28 weeks. She never got to know her daughter because she died a few days later and that baby girl will grow up never knowing her mommy 😦

What do we live for? For missing someone? For our wealth or health? For our dreams? What are your dreams and what do you live for?

When was the last time you weren’t too busy to phone an old friend and to listen instead of talking? When was the last time you asked someone how was work, how was their day? We are so consumed with being busy we forget to say “I love you” when that should be the top and most important item on our to-do-list. Like hugging someone or giving them flowers.

We all claim that life is short, that our children grow up too quickly and that time flies by too soon. But we only really think about life is short when something tragic happens. Stop! Pray everyday for yourself and those around you, find God. Live life with all your strength and passion now, don’t save it for the holiday or for another day. While that little flame is burning, fan it. Be bold about it, love boldly and laugh shamelessly. Because now is all we have. Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. ♥

Maybe yes

This is a beautiful poem and I think it is so applicable to all of us in some way. For me sometimes it’s the fear of trying something new of moving on from an old familiar place or just speaking my mind. Letting go of old feelings and things like that…so this poem is for me

Maybe Not   (by Dana Faulds)

Begin somewhere.

Take one deep breath and dive.

Plunge into the core of your most persistent fear, or your greatest joy.

Grow comfortable with the act of exploration.

Well, maybe not comfortable, but confident of your ability to be sure-footed on slick rocks, steady while the winds gust.

Well, maybe not entirely confident, but willing to set out despite persistent doubts, breathing your way into whatever you are facing.

Well, maybe not even all that willing, but you take it anyway, that first step into the unknown.

Courage is starting where there is no secure outcome, no sure result. The secret is you can begin again any time.

Take one deep breath,

and dive!


Whatever you are struggling with maybe this is worth reading over and over so that you can feel a little bit of comfortable, confident courage to take one deep breath and just dive in! I wish you would, I wish you even more luck if you do ♥

Breathe and sigh

10299532_10152364643614350_776736122370803520_nTwo weeks in a row I almost stayed in bed. Just wasn’t feeling up to people, talking and things…

But you know I’m so glad now that I did get up and get out, two Sabbaths filled with abundant blessings. I’m in awe of how some things just fall in place, the people who touch you, the music and the morning’s sermon. It is not coincidence it’s all too perfect to be coincidence.

When your spirit is down and you feel like giving up and like you are so far away from Him. He sends His soft touch in different ways. I am so grateful that I did get up and go to church it is there in some quiet place or moment that God chose to touch me. These verses really awakened something these past two weeks

He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name. Psalm 147:4

For as the heavens are high above the earth, So great is His mercy toward those who fear Him. Psalm 103:11

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14

Give ear to my words, O Lord, consider my meditation. Give heed to the voice of my cry, My King and my God, for to You I will pray. Psalm 5:1-2

Sitting on the outside looking in; this is what I heard and what has touched me. I am glad I did go to church, it was good for the soul and I am happy and at peace. It is here that I can press the panic button, and someone is right at my side. I breathe a sigh of relief and am so grateful for some privileges.

Hope you’ve had a Blessed Sabbath too ♥

I believe it!

photo (2)He who smoothed the surface of the earth, shoving a plane. He who cleft the mountains by earthquake, pounding a chisel. He who opened the mammoth caves of the earth, turning an auger. He who wielded the thunderbolt, striking with a hammer. He who scooped out the bed of the ocean, hollowing a ladle. He who flashed the morning on the earth, and made the midnight heavens quiver with aurora, constructing a window. I cannot understand it, but I believe it.

_ From the Manger to the Empty Tomb, by Rex Edwards

This is a small piece from a book I’m reading at the moment. The back cover says “this work as a whole is best read as a prolonged hymn of praise” I so agree. It’s really beautiful, and a lot of it is poetry to me. Something I loved when I was in school and I’m starting to appreciate and enjoy it again.

The more I read Ellen White the more poetry I find. This book (Rex D. Edwards) that I’m busy reading now; is also full of beautiful poetry; all about the life of Jesus.

I cannot understand all of it, but I believe it!

Being Lost

This morning I left the house at 05h00 to take my bear to the airport. He flew down to Cape Town and is driving back up with Moo. So we drove off to Lanseria airport – other side of the world – the side I never ever go to. Wish we had driven to the real airport on the side of the city that I do know. So coming back after receiving instructions and directions on which turn off to take (stay on the middle lane, follow N12 Witbank blah blah) It is no surprise at all that I got lost!! I obviously took the wrong turn and found myself on the road to Bloem. I didn’t really want to be on my way to Bloem this morning!! 😦

I don’t know why I was born with the defect of no sense of direction. If I approach an intersection from a different side I am completely disoriented although the four corners look familiar I don’t know what to do next, is it left or right here? Last time I was here it was left, but it looks different. Why? It freaks me out.

That is why I stay away from certain parts of the city, there is nothing on that side that I need so there is no need to know how to get there or how to get out.

If I can’t see the Jhb skyline then I am completely and totally lost. That was me early this morning after leaving him at the airport, no GPS, no map in the car no back seat driver to tell me what to do, he was going to be on a plane soon so I couldn’t phone him either and there was no Joburg skyline.

See if I am in what I call my Bermuda triangle (those are my areas that I venture out too) when it’s time to go home I can always see the skyline and that is my map and my GPS that takes me home. It’s easy when I can see certain buildings I know exactly what to do.

I had to stop and ask for help and the second person I spoke too before I could even finish my sentence I was in tears and then I cried all the way back to safety. I was driving in the direction of that skyline, those familiar buildings and I finally made it to a familiar area and home.

While all of this was happening I was thinking about what I do when I’m really lost? What keeps me on the correct road and grounded? Or who keeps me grounded? Is it my hubby, my family, my friend, or church? Where is my GPS or map book and how often do I take that GPS and use it to keep me going in the right direction?

What do you do when you find your lost? Should God come running to you or should you go running to Him? Straying is a slow process a series of choices and sometimes we take these extended tours into the unknown.

Being found and coming back is the same but it’s one good choice at a time, this time the tour has better scenery. Finding my way back home this morning, between some sobs and sweating for feeling so stupid and lost, I felt glad in knowing that I have found my way in life and I’m not lost at all. I am grounded in my faith and church.

It is a steady walk, sometimes it is frustrating and sometimes we feel discourage. But you have to keep working at it and in between the tears and heartaches you have to keep praying. I have prepared my heart, considered my ways, made amends along the way and I’m taking hold of God one kilometer at a time. It’s not a one day journey it’s life long journey. And it’s all about learning to pray…

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Luke 19:10