Don’t mess with my food!

As a PA it’s normal to arrange meetings, workshops and other get-togethers where food is involved. I’ve done it a million times. It’s part of my job. So if there is one thing I’ve learned from this, it’s that you never ever mess with people’s food.

I have learned to cater for the Muslims who are strict with their food and where it has been prepared and the ones that will eat any place as long as they don’t see pork. I have learned to cater for Hindus that eat beef when they shouldn’t and are ‘fasting’ on a Tuesday when actually it just means they’re not eating meat or eggs. I have been patient with strange fussy people and taken some abuse from aggressive meat-eating wolves…

So if there is one thing that really, really bugs me it’s when others mess with my food. As a vegetarian, I think I am quite a calm leaf eating, tree hugging person but today I am mad and angry…

I didn’t have my own lunch at work and had to take a walk to the canteen and was hoping to get a simple salad. Ah! What did I find in that grubby underground canteen?? They are now mixing chicken into something that used to be a salad and disguising the mix up with pale pink sauce. The best part is that the steamed broccoli and carrots now have bacon bits in it. There was pig in the vegetables.

That really peed me off, less choice – no choice – no option for vegetarians in the canteen! Fedics never fail to amaze me. That chef is a bloody *pig* and if I see him in the parking lot I might just graze his bacon!! Oink!

Dont forget to hug a vegetarian today!


Lazy Sunday lunch

I had a new visitor in my garden today a robin I didn’t want to fetch my phone for a quick picture cause then I’d loose out and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy him…
It’s a perfect winter day, beautiful sun shine, washing is done, the pool pump is almost putting me to sleep. The boys are watching some sport on TV. 
Today’s lunch? Oh that was so easy, a family favorite – I made lentil pie 

My Lentil pie – for a lazy Sunday lunch 
two rolls of puff pastry – make your own if you feel domesticated, I seldom do 🙂
one tub of spring onion & chives cream cheese 
tin of lentils

fry a little onion and mushrooms in pot until soft, add grated carrot and let it cook for a few minutes. Add salt & pepper to taste and the cream cheese. Line the pie dish with one roll of pastry and pour the lentil mixture in; then cover with the other roll. Bake for + – forty minutes until golden in color @ 200 degrees

Enjoy, xoxo