Because now is all we have


You know today was one of those miserable days I just wanted to escape.

I woke not feeling too good, what I though was just hay fever or something I could treat in the weekend with loads of natural vitamin C at home didn’t really work. So I woke up with a heavy chest, sore and extra croaky voice. It’s kind of sexy, sort of like Demi Moore’s voice expect that runny nose ruins all the sexiness….

Last week a work colleague lost his wife, she died suddenly of an aneurysm leaving him behind and two very tiny little boys, a three-year old and six month old. Her funeral was on Friday.

In the weekend I watched this colleague post things on face book like ….Heaven must be really beautiful right now, since they got you

Then he posted …It isn’t easy !!!!! (and he tagged her)

Today he posts a picture of himself and his boys, today was the baby’s first day at nursery school and he tagged his wife

Somehow right below his FB post was this post from a page I like – Prince Harry page – it’s just a page with loads of royal stuff and pics which I really enjoy looking through…. today they decided to post this


I love this song and listened to it today and of course the tears flowed….

A few months ago it was a young friend from art class. She was pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl at only 28 weeks. She never got to know her daughter because she died a few days later and that baby girl will grow up never knowing her mommy 😦

What do we live for? For missing someone? For our wealth or health? For our dreams? What are your dreams and what do you live for?

When was the last time you weren’t too busy to phone an old friend and to listen instead of talking? When was the last time you asked someone how was work, how was their day? We are so consumed with being busy we forget to say “I love you” when that should be the top and most important item on our to-do-list. Like hugging someone or giving them flowers.

We all claim that life is short, that our children grow up too quickly and that time flies by too soon. But we only really think about life is short when something tragic happens. Stop! Pray everyday for yourself and those around you, find God. Live life with all your strength and passion now, don’t save it for the holiday or for another day. While that little flame is burning, fan it. Be bold about it, love boldly and laugh shamelessly. Because now is all we have. Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. ♥

The story of Tamar


You’re special because God made you especially to be you

You’re special because God loves you with his whole heart

You’re special because there’s no one else in the world just like you

You’re special because you don’t even know how special you are!

I received a card from my friends, this weekend with this message … when I read it in between tears I was thinking how this was exactly like them. My friends leave this week they are moving to the Cape and although we didn’t speak to each other everyday I know I’m going to miss them terribly. The chats, the lunches and laughs, the complete trust and confidence I had in them.

I’m sure the sadness will go away soon, for now I just want to say good-bye, see you soon, stay safe and I wish for you both huge huge amounts of luck with your new adventure, I’m so excited for you. We will catch uo soon! Most especially thank you so very much for the story of Tamar!

I will never forget it! xoxo love from me





@writersbootcamp Day 26 Friends

ah friends why don’t I feel like writing about them? It’s just too many and too many years between school friends, and the growing up friends, and the adult ones, it’s so many…

My sister is one of them but distance makes it difficult. My cousin, she has been around at the best and worst times. Some nice gals at church that keep me sane. One extra special girl who also emigrated but we have managed to stay in touch.

A few girls from primary school, we have stayed in touch and thanks to FB we get to catch up on those important family functions and milestones.

My best friend Nat that has also been around for some tough and good times and we have watched our children come out of cocoons into little butterflies…

My work friends that have worked with me for, oh, something like 20 plus years. They spend the whole day with me so they really see the good, the bad and the ugly of me and still stick around!

And this sums, it up for me – if distance and silence can exist and we remain friends, that’s all that matters. That’s friendship ♥ and I’m grateful for those special girls in my life that are there when I need them most



Have I been a good friend?

After a storm there is always a rainbow. In the darkness there is always a shiny star. The sun always rises to bring you light and warmth.

Last couple of weeks have been awful. I was feeling and behaving dreadfully. Mopping around, moody, miserable and sad.

Three people in my life were like the shining star, warm sunshine and happy rainbow. They looked after me, and all the time I was an unpleasant person to be around; I know I behaved badly. I was the bad friend.

So this is for you three ladies – you know who you are and if you don’t….well I will send you something 🙂

Thank you

For being there even if silent

For listening and saying nothing

For watching my destructive attitude and for being kind

For your guidance, warm hugs and support

For being loyal, my confidant and trying your best to cheer me up

For listening to my childish gripes and letting me share what was in my heart

For being genuinely happy for me when I got back to my normal self

♥ ♥ ♥

I’m sorry if I was a bad friend at that bad time or any time, you don’t deserve that. Sending Blessings and Love your way

May your day be filled with blessings Like the sun lights the sky  And may you always have the courage  To spread your wings and fly

May your day be filled with blessings
Like the sun lights the sky
And may you always have the courage
To spread your wings and fly

Kindness and Friendships

I don’t know how to say this, you had to be there to see it so you can fully understand it. On friday I saw something really special in the office that made me stop and think about friendships. It was a real selfless act from someone who is expecting nothing in return. It had us all in tears, girls love to hug and cry. But how often do we see selfless random acts of kindness? So often we judge others and we dwell on the negative for so long that we don’t see the small positives. The flames are so tiny that we don’t even notice the light, and eventually that light dies out but if you nurture it and give it some attention, that little flame will turn into something quite beautiful and bright.

Imagine this ….

A good old friend is going through a really tough time, she is in a bit of trouble and doesn’t know where to turn to for help but then help did come very unexpectedly, right there on friday. Now she feels so bad for having to accept it.

I can’t go into more details but lets just say that when you least except it God does answer prayer and He does so in His way in His own time. He sends the oddest person (the one you least expect) to help you or save you.

I need to remind myself to stop judging, I must not be impatient, I must be more forgiving, I should keep my friends close to me & treasure my friends too; they might one day be the ones that come to my rescue. Dont take things for granted. Always look out for those little lights around me they are special. Miracles do happen and lifesavers still exist. There are people out there that have a good heart, and what really matters is what’s in the heart not what’s on the outside.

That random act of kindenss put us all in a mood for a blessed weekend and who know’s if that won’t snowball and turn into something bigger for all of us.

Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference.

_ Kevin Heath