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We had just bought our hifi (stereo) and to christen the hifi we bought two CD’s the first ever. One CD was – Gheorghe Zamfir pan flute music, I won’t mention the other one cause you’ll just laugh at our choice of music!

When I fell pregnant I knew that playing classical music was important for the baby but I didn’t have a huge collection to choose from at that time.  So pan flutes was a regular…I used to come home after work and lie on the floor in the lounge with the headphones on my tummy and I played pan flute music for the boys. I did this every day during both pregnancies. This song was one of my favorites from this CD.

The other day I told my boys I was working on a project, and asked them to answer these questions based on this piece of music. Just out of curiosity.

These are their replies –

Does this music mean anything to you?
No  ♦  Not really
Does it calm or irritate you?
Calm  ♦  It’s calming
Do you like it?
Yes  ♦  I could study to this music
Is it familiar?
Yes  ♦  I think I’ve heard it before

They were at nursery school age when I found Beethoven and Mozart for babies, this would play in the background in their bedroom when they played and I’m quite sure that this helped in creating little geniuses.  I’m happy with my music experiment results and the answers I got from them. They both actually like classical music and have developed their own taste in music, it varies but they always play classical when they are studying or want to calm down and go to sleep. Effects of music just fascinate me because I listen to very different things at different times, it helps me cope and live ♥



@writersbootcamp Day 23 – Music

musicEveryone loves music. They have to, I’m sure they do. And so do I!! I love a good party and although I can’t dance to save my life I really enjoy a good party or concert and can very easily behave like a crazed, no-care-in-the-world teenager 😀

My favourite voices are male, not too sure why, but I listen to more male than female music. I listen to everything, absolutely everything – classical, opera, jazz, country or rock – expect rap! Well there is one rap song that I actually like (Eminem – Mom) so I guess you can say I even listen to rap. I’m still a fan of Prince and Purple Rain, so it’s quite a different mix. Here are some of my favourite voices and kind of music….Just one thing, when I listen to music on my own at home and especially in the car, it is loud, crazy loud, roof top open and I sing along to it.

For anytime any day and any mood

Bon Jovi – Bed of Roses  

The Eagles – Hotel California

Tom Jones – Darlin

Rolling Stones – Satisfaction

For the crooners and tenors and in the mood for love music
IL Divo – I will always love you

Julio Iglesias – Crazy (I grew up listening to this, my dad played it all the time)

Patrizio Buanne – Forever Begins Tonight

For relaxing or ignoring the crazy traffic, or to block out the crap at work, this works for me 

Beethoven – 5th Symphony (or Chopin or both)

In the office and just easy listening also in the car Josh Groban – Vincent

Pavarotti – Caruso

My choice of religious music

Wintley Phipps- Amazing Grace

Gaither – It is well with my soul

Conrad Fisher – I Need the Prayers of Those I Love

Buddy Greene –  I Don’t Belong

The one female voice I love – Barbara Streisand – Memories

To prove to you I am Portuguese this is what I listen to – it can only be FADO music  – Carlos Do Carmo – Gaivota also big reminder of my dad ♥

And I am an African child too, and always will be so this is my music – Miriam Makeba – Pata Pata

Johnny Clegg (With Nelson Mandela) – Asimbonanga

African  Rain Storm

And finally to prove to you that everyone really does love music…here’s a little concert, musicians playing for cows. They look like they enjoying it 🙂

Jazz for Cows


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