The wave

I find myself staring into empty stretches of the ocean or sky. This stress produced world makes everything urgent and the ocean brings me peace and time for reflexion. It’s like a massive massage but one that makes me feel automatically happier and relaxed.

That is why I ended off this year with another painting of the ocean, a moody sky and a wave. Staring at the ocean or the sky is like poetry and it gives me energy, like a cold splash of water on my face.

The rhythm of the waves lapping on the shore restores body and mind…

I won’t finish it this year, there is still some work to be done on the sky and wave but that’s ok, it just means I will start with the same feeling of peace and tranquility and energised for the New Year. That’s my wave painting ♥


into the blue…

Into the blue is small 30 x 60 cm painting that I started while a new sunset was drying.

It is so soft and simple. I used lots of white and cerulean blue with a bit of emerald-green and a tiny pinch of yellow ochre.


I love the simplicity and peaceful colors.


I look at this and wish I had used a really large canvas, because I am in love with it. It just has a calming effect on me and I think this is the first time I have ever publicly said this about one of my paintings – this one is beautiful !