A Single Protea

If you know me you will know how much I love proteas. They are everywhere in my house, on a table-cloth, on a vase, beaded into a flower, on a candle stick holder and etched on a large glass vase.

There are proteas everywhere, and so this year I put one up on the wall too.

It’s the first time I painted a protea. I loved every minute of this painting and every brush stroke.


This one was created with my heart ♥

African Scenery Art

So this year I started my art life with something simple and quite different.

My nephew (from Portugal) was visiting in December and January, he loves to paint, actually he’s a wonderful artist. Rui is deaf and dumb and his disability makes normal life a bit challenging sometimes. One thing he is good at is painting, he likes acrylics and his style is bold, using bright colors, delightful pictures that celebrate life.

He was still here when art classes resumed and I knew that leaving him at home would have been cruel, so he came with me to art class and we did a little bit of stenciling for fun, something he has not tried before.

Inspired by the gorgeous rich colors of the African sunsets…we made these two small pieces for his bedroom.


He painted this one with the windmill. The stencil is filled with plaster


Mine was more complicated as there are no ready-made stencils with baobab trees I had to make my own

Mine was more complicated as there are no ready-made stencils with baobab trees I had to make my own

adding a little bit of fine grass

adding a little bit of fine grass

Completed "African Scenery"

“African Scenery”

…and that was my first little bit of art for 2016 ♥


I started this painting last year. Stopped a few times and interrupted it to paint other paintings.

A little bit of palette knife, a bit of a struggle with this one. Not sure if I will paint another sunflower again…

I should open my heart to the Sun of righteousness, and gather precious rays of light from Jesus, that I may reflect them to others. God wants me, to have this light in my heart, and then I will be a channel of light wherever I am.

60 x 46 cm

60 x 46 cm

Like the sunflower, which turns its face constantly toward the sun, you must look continually toward the Source of light, that you may catch every ray possible.

– {HS 141.1}   Ellen G White, Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions, page 141


Big Blue Sky

Painting the borders, almost standing on tipty toes

Painting the borders, almost standing on tippy toes

I was in my happy place with this painting. Its large. Its bright and its beautiful.

I just love the results, and hope my client is also happy.

Have painted two others that are very similar, this one is obviously quite different; don’t want three exact paintings even if they are in different homes. Really enjoyed painting this one….will let you know what my client says. Delivery is at the end of this month.


122 x 92 cm

122 x 92 cm

My autumn road

My autumn road and my palette knife journey….

This week I completed another painting. This was a pleasant experience. If I had to paint this one again I would do some things differently. It only become beautiful in my eyes when I added the little figure; that was the last thing I painted – the lady. It’s me walking under the trees, hearing the dried autumn leaves crunching under my feet.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this painting yet. For now it has to dry, this will take some time, it’s a thick palette knife painting 😀

Waiting patiently

autumn autumn1