Will you carry my leg?

Today Natalie du Toit visited our offices and she gave a talk on disability awareness. What an inspirational young vibrant and happy person. If I didn’t love her before I certainly fell in love with her today. Positive attitude turned her disabilities into abilities. Listening to her all I could think of was ‘hard work and determination’. Never give up, no matter what just never ever give up. Team work.

She had us laughing a few times but the funniest thing for me was her explaining how she needed one person to look after her prosthetic leg while she swam, so when she finished the race she would have her leg on the other side ready for her. She didn’t want to worry about how the leg got there, she just needed it to be at the end of the race.


Natalie was 17 when she lost her leg and she continued swimming and winning gold medals! I took these lessons from her today, whatever challenges and difficulties I face in my life –

  • Never give up
  • Work hard, work harder
  • Don’t change, stay me on the inside
  • Stay positive, stay in my race
  • Don’t let any disability be my disability
  • Don’t forget my dreams, go grab them
  • Team work, make sure I am surrounded by supportive people
  • Learn to ask for help when I need it
  • Be grateful for every small thing I have in my life
  • Love life
  • And find someone to carry my leg

Wrong and Right

Another day of complete craziness mixed with some not so bad moments. And I’m putting them down as a reminder of what I learned from all of it ….

~ What went wrong ~

Negative thoughts – That soft dark voice that keeps coming back to tell me I’m not good enough, I cried, was sad and depressed and it took me some time to get rid of that feeling.

Mistakes – I made a few today, was rushed and trying to finish some urgent things and made some stupid mistakes. You can’t always tipex them out. Once they are out they are exposed.

Noise – I made lots of it this afternoon, and I was only reminded late in the day that I was becoming a bit *^&*$%. Really? Girls please stop me early on in the noise making process. Don’t let me carry on like some crazy person.

~ What went right ~

Coffee – When I got to my desk there was a cup of coffee waiting for me, still hot. It reminded me that some friends never forget you no matter how busy they are.

Chat – With a friend that knows how to read me (she doesn’t know it) she always finds her way to my desk on the right days.

Work – It was busy, hectic! But I actually managed to tick some things off my to-do-list, that was a good feeling at the end of the day.

Project – My friend shared a secret with me and asked if I’d like to be part of a special little project, yeahness. I love stuff like that #excited!

Art – It’s Wednesday so it’s art class, started a new painting and I loved everything about tonight.

Now that looks like more right than wrong. And I’m left with a very wise saying….             “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

*sigh* easier said than done I think, but I will leave the house with that in mind tomorrow.