I started this painting last year. Stopped a few times and interrupted it to paint other paintings.

A little bit of palette knife, a bit of a struggle with this one. Not sure if I will paint another sunflower again…

I should open my heart to the Sun of righteousness, and gather precious rays of light from Jesus, that I may reflect them to others. God wants me, to have this light in my heart, and then I will be a channel of light wherever I am.

60 x 46 cm

60 x 46 cm

Like the sunflower, which turns its face constantly toward the sun, you must look continually toward the Source of light, that you may catch every ray possible.

– {HS 141.1}   Ellen G White, Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions, page 141


Back to Comfort Zone

Another feeling of relief brushes over me as I signed and decided that this painting was complete and the best I could do.

I think I will avoid portraits for a while now and go back to my comfort zone; landscapes and flowers. It is extremely difficult to get the ‘likeness’ of a person down on canvas. You can’t just make the person look nicer, thinner or have a less long nose. What you see in the person in the photo you are working from you have to paint. And I just struggle with being 90% happy with my result.

So for now it’s back to my comfort zone with the paint brushes….



I am soo relieved that this one is complete. I am not always 100% happy with my results. Not even 90% happy, it’s a struggle I have with myself.

But I’m glad I attempted it and that I completed it, because I was so very close to giving up!

Blonde Boy  36 X 24 cm

Blonde Boy
36 X 24 cm

Hide and seek

flawsIt has been ages since my last blog! I don’t even know why?

A lot has happened in that time; and at the same I can say nothing much has happened. I have been busy and extremely lazy.

I think it’s the whole season change, makes me want to hibernate. I love to live in slippers and PJ’s and have been wearing flat shoes and jeans to work on most days. I’m sure people are talking about what I’m wearing. I’m not the smart office dresser but do usually put more effort into the whole ME look. Lately, washed hair and jeans is just enough.

Unmotivated, grumpy, and even hating work or feeling very un-loyal (I’ve always been the very loyal type) so this feeling is kind of new. Thinking about my flaws…..

My kids sometimes say things that bother or worry me, like;

  • “I hate people”
  • “Many things bother me, 7,021,836,029 things to be exact, which coincidently is Earth’s Human Population”
  • “Why must there be so many people on this planet, I hate people”

These pasts few days, weeks, maybe month I have been feeling exactly the same. Ugh! That’s terrible. Also my old negative feelings, and I just can’t blog when I’m feeling that way. Another ugh!

Anyway, its winter, time to hibernate. Hair is static again! Drinking loads of hot chocolate, nice and fattening! Got a new phone and that process nearly had me pulling my hair out. Supermoon was here and that must have had some crazy effect on people and their moods.

Finished a beautiful painting (not hibernating in art) and paid varsity fees for two students. Can’t believe I have two boys in varsity. I’m sure that is part of my whole sad mood. My bear bought a bike, I call it his middle age crises, he says its to save on petrol.

And I’m watching and waiting with the rest of the world I guess on the Mandela story.

I’m back, I’m blogging again.

The sun has set

Finally the sun has set. I finished it, I signed it last night.


I can’t believe how long this one took me. It was quite very hard. Maybe because this was the first time I ever attempted a sunset? It has a lot of darks and lights and I just struggled throughout the whole painting. Was starting to get bored and losing interest. I almost cried. It was exhausting me! I think some things are better left to be photographed and not painted (late sunset is one of them). The photo I have is beautiful and I just couldn’t capture it in my painting.

I signed it last night and started another project. Another sunset *scared face*

This is a small canvas and the sunset is an early one, so it’s much lighter and hopefully will be easier. I have some experience now…

Sometimes the photos I take of my art work don’t do justice to the real painting. Today I think the photo looks better than the original. That’s me being negative about myself and my art. Sorry ;(

The good news is that I’m very excited about the next two projects. Yip, I have two in my heart and ready for a canvas – sunset – started last night and the other one is another first for me, something different and challenging that I will start very soon.

Will keep you posted!