Zanzibar dreaming …

In October I posted about how we are celebrating our Silver Anniversary and I had this to say – we are taking a little trip, it’s something we have not done for ourselves in all the years together.  We never really went overseas….

So we did take our trip and came back from the most memorable time and holiday!  What do I say about Zanzibar and our time there?  It was so amazing and so memorable and so good for both of us.  After 25 years of marriage, of life revolving around the boys, the school and house stuff, work and bills and so many other mundane things it was quite wonderful that we had other things to talk about.  We talked, laughed and relaxed.  I don’t know what else to say except that the island has lots to see and do and if you want to be a real tourist it will keep you quite busy.  If you want to just relax and do nothing this is also the perfect place for that.  From the minute we arrived everything was just perfect and our time together was unforgettable.

So let me share some photos of two really special days – the day we did snorkeling and our last day on the resort doing what I love most – a walk on the beach at low tide.


I am scared of many things but this seems to calm me

Snorkeling in Zanzibar

Snorkeling in Zanzibar close to my face and mask

…so close to my face and mask


I can almost touch them…


Low tide walking into the ocean


Star fish kiss


Relaxing in the warm water


I love you !

One look and you will fall in love with the color and warmth and beauty of Zanzibar, it’s a little piece of paradise, almost like you are dreaming ♥

A new sunset

IMG_9160This is how 2015 started!!

This was an old abandoned canvas…someone in art class started painting swallows and then she literary abandoned the canvas. And you just cant let a good canvas go to waste!  I was going to save the birds and finish them, but then decided against it and painted over them.  So this is how art class started for me this year.  I think it’s an awesome start a new sunset

.IMG_9163 IMG_9164

African Sunset

I was thinking the other day – what is my favorite color? And I came to the conclusion that I don’t have one favorite color. If you look in my cupboard at my clothes you will see three colors that stand out, but for other things I have completely different likes in colors. So I’ve decided my two most favorite colors are sunset and rainbow. There, that’s it!  And isn’t that just the most beautiful?

This painting is a commission, she asked for an African sunset, over the African savannah. Elephants or giraffes…


Oil on canvas 91 x 61 cm

Clouds don’t only carry rain and darken the skies they also add color to the sunset sky. And when I admire the beauty of nature like this I’m in awe of my creator.

I hope this painting brings her tranquility and many happy days with her own magical sunrises and sunsets in her life….



Another Sunset

A lot smaller and also lot easier to paint and complete

Maybe because it was a brighter earlier sunset or that it was my second one, it is also a small little canvas. It was a beautiful journey!

So happy with the results. Love this painting ♥

Started new one last night, it has birds in it 😀


The sun has set

Finally the sun has set. I finished it, I signed it last night.


I can’t believe how long this one took me. It was quite very hard. Maybe because this was the first time I ever attempted a sunset? It has a lot of darks and lights and I just struggled throughout the whole painting. Was starting to get bored and losing interest. I almost cried. It was exhausting me! I think some things are better left to be photographed and not painted (late sunset is one of them). The photo I have is beautiful and I just couldn’t capture it in my painting.

I signed it last night and started another project. Another sunset *scared face*

This is a small canvas and the sunset is an early one, so it’s much lighter and hopefully will be easier. I have some experience now…

Sometimes the photos I take of my art work don’t do justice to the real painting. Today I think the photo looks better than the original. That’s me being negative about myself and my art. Sorry ;(

The good news is that I’m very excited about the next two projects. Yip, I have two in my heart and ready for a canvas – sunset – started last night and the other one is another first for me, something different and challenging that I will start very soon.

Will keep you posted!