City of Gold

Cry, The Beloved Country – by Alan Paton is a book we all read when we were littlies at school. I don’t remember the whole story I remember that Reverend Khumalo has to make a trip to Johannesburg and this is such a huge task, travelling to the big city. The whole story revolves around this city.

It’s my city, this is has been home since 1975….

I saw a beautiful photo taken by a photographer friend, captured in winter, from quite a distance. So beautifully captured, and he gave me permission to paint from his photo.

I loved painting this, the winter grass is painted over gold leaf and this gives the painting such a beautiful shine.

Painting this gave me a yearning desire to read my old school book again and to see Johannesburg through Reverend Khumalo’s eyes. I need to find an old copy of the book somewhere.

I love this painting ♥

All roads lead to Johannesburg

Stick Dinosaurs

Power lines are a bit like stick dinosaurs, don’t you think? I don’t know why I like them, what is it that attracts me, I just know I do like them, a lot!  When we take long drives I always admire the scenery and the elegant looking stick dinosaurs.

I think photographers like them too, it is so easy to find beautiful landscape and sunset photos with one or two power lines dominating the composition of the photo.

Who would think that something that can ruin a perfect landscape composition, or something ugly could be made to look beautiful. We might prefer they were not there….but they do offer a beautiful symmetry in our vast landscapes and I always take a few pics.

This was painted from one of my cell phone photos – a trip down to Cape Town with my boy ♥

Toes in the ocean

I have not shared my art work in a long time.

The Ocean

If you know me, you will know that I really, really love the ocean. This is my happy place and my happy type of painting.

Soak up the sun

Breathe the salty air

Feel the breeze

Collect seashells

Bare-feet required


Starry Night


Ah but Vincent, everything in this painting is more than a little good, I love all of it, and it has a special meaning and says a lot for me…it really does.


Good night my starry starry night ♥☼♥☼



Art Materials

Ah we await this sale with anticipation. This year I was there on the second day of the sale. The store has moved to bigger premisses, the aisles are bigger and things have moved around a bit. But that’s ok it was great to walk up and down the aisles looking for my prefered paints and favorite things. I was a bit rushed cause we had a breakfast appointment with a friend that morning. So with no time to play, and less than an hour to shop, I spent a small fortune very quickly!! I must be honest I checked that till slip three times after we left. Wow! The price of liquin is unbelievable.

And my bear spoilt me, he really did. He paid for all my stuff and kept adding canvas to the pile….

I bought three new sized palette knives seeing I’m in the palette knife painting mood…and so enjoying it. Color of the year 2012 was buff, this year it was the transparent white from the Artists’ Oil Colour range (purity and quality). I love Winsor and Newton oils.

Here’s to a new year of creativity and beautiful paintings!!

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